Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

Well, let’s look of some of the so called Maitreyas out there and remember to smile!

Here is a page called

In the upper left corner of the page is a religious symbol made out of many from the religios symbols now used. We do not have to look further, even if you may find it very amusing, because how can we see truth and reality, as it is, trough religion, dogma and fantasy?

The answer is obvious. Truth can not come from religion. We must see fantasy as fantasy and fantasy is not the way to truth. Scientific method helps us come closer and closer to reality and truth, as it is, and meditation and introspection together with illuminating words from philosophers help us to find peace within and think correctly.

Another thing. Do you Think the real Maitreya would try to sell you things in order to awaken? No. My mission is clear and it is to help you see reality as it is and therby save us all. No money is needed.

Selling things is also the first thing that appears on this page called Shambhala healing tools where the creator of the sect is seated under a pyramid and also sells a pyramid hat. Smile! 🙂

This is how you search, think and smile.



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