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Problem solved – What is a holy location? Where do we find the holiest temple?

A holy location is a place given extra importance for the religious, like the Temple Mount, Mecca or Bodh Gaya. When different religions chose the same locations for worship this usually leads to a conflict. The leaders of religion sometimes use holy locations to make money and the political leaders use conflicts to make money, stay in power and make the people submissive to their leadership.

In holy locations sometimes you find things that lures you to believe the location is special. When pictures of gods or humans are not allowed then other items can be used to lure you of its holiness.

The problem is easy to solve. Your body is your holiest temple and the holiest item in your temple is your mind. Therefore I order all religious to stop worshipping places and items and begin to worship God together. God is oneness, pure love and truth.

Hereby I order all holy places and items located in them to belong to everyone!
Hereby I decide that all who find God inside of them can speak in all holy places they like sharing time in harmony with other speakers!
Hereby I order all who wish to travel to a holy place to walk or hitch-hike there and to take a challenging path and to let the trip be as holy as possible and talk to many people on the way and also to walk or hitch-hike back again!


Who is “Lord Maitreya”? Are you “Lord Maitreya”?

Ha ha ha. 🙂 I am a teacher and a healer, healing the world, but maybe I should try calling myself “Lord Maitreya” being so well connected with The Lord, our God. 🙂

I will try and see how it feels and ask God about the word “lord” in meditation. 🙂

a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.

/Lord Maitreya

PS. Ha ha ha. Using “Lord Maitreya” makes me laugh and feel good so it might be right. 🙂

Maitreya asks God – Did Mohamed really marry a six-year old?

I am Maitreya. This is my message to all humanity. Pure love and oneness for all. My messages come from God and he is oneness, pure love and truth leading us all and future generations to prosperity.

It took me long meditation to find the answer because the truth was very disturbing and even if I did want to find the truth, as it is, it was very difficult and it took time to find the pure love and oneness releasing the truth. Finally God came through with  white bright light. Here it is his answer.

Yes. God tells me Mohamed did marry a six-year old. This was a long time ago and this was his culture, today considered bad by many, the same culture sometimes found in Hinduism or hidden in secrecy by others. After tree years the little girl wanted to consume the marriage and together they did so. So this was not rape as many of Mohamed’s enemies today want to believe. No. She was willing and happy before, during and after. The little girl loved Mohamed and she was very developed in body and mind for her age. Today the age of consent is according to the law in all civilized countries but at this time there was no such civilized law and this was not only consent from her. This was God giving consent and Mohamed giving his consent submitting to the will of God and this is the way of Maitreya and God. Follow the law, pure love, ask God if it is right, then make each other happy and laugh! 🙂 If love is pure then age does not matter. What matters is that you do what is according to the law where you live and that you also follow God.


Will Maitreya show tolerance and respect for other religions?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

You may tolerate much as a follower of me and you must accept small mistakes from others and forgive, but do not tolerate or respect anyone who wants to destroy tolerance itself or wants to destroy you or wants to destroy balance with nature! Such stupid tolerance is not tolerance at all but creates less tolerance. Destroy such intolerance before it destroys us all and before it destroys nature for the future generations!

You must understand that tolerance and respect is not tolerating mass-industrialization destroying nature. Tolerance does not lead to mass-immigration destroying your own culture and society. Tolerance is not creating intolerance or over-population. Tolerance is not silently allowing the destruction of nature and thereby being responsible for creating deserts. Such stupid tolerance will destroy the very foundation of peace, harmony and will destroy life itself for you and for your children and for coming generations. Such tolerance is not tolerance at all but plain stupidity and indirect suicide for any civilization.

Tolerance is the assimilation and integration by tolerant individuals of other tolerant individuals in their life and it must happen in balance with nature and on a personal level in pure love for each other and a willingness to share a common life in oneness, not in separation.

Migration of people who do not tolerate you and your culture and do not want to integrate is an act of war and they must be removed or tolerance is not possible because tolerance and respect must go both ways.

Migration from over-populated areas to other highly populated areas where nature is threatened by humans is not acceptable and will destroy nature in both locations simultaneously and that is plain stupidity. This is not tolerance or respect for nature.

Help to over-populated areas must be self-help with education and means to down-grow, not feeding the problem, not exporting or importing the problem.

The most essential is balance with nature, healthy trees, rich soil, clean water, natural plants and healthy animals living in a natural harmony. All have equal right of existence.

To follow me is to balance the number of people with nature and that all humans respect nature and does not try to manipulate nature with chemicals or other manipulation and to follow me is not to over-populate in the name of any religion or ideology.

To follow me means that all humans have resources and consume in balance and care for at least seven generations to come.

Any other religion or ideology that teaches differently is either stupid or evil and must be changed, abandoned or restricted. When such stupid or evil people does not follow me then they and their religion must sometimes even be destroyed to protect our nature depending on severity.

Stupidity and foulness must be destroyed or it will destroy our civilization. Not following me will lead to extreme foulness such as starvation, wars and cannibalism.

Such stupidity or foulness, must be restricted and destroyed or it will not only destroy you, your children and nature, but will also destroy intelligence itself, cutting down the trees, flushing away good soil and turning all into desert and rocks leading to very hard conditions for all.

If we want the most peaceful culture to survive, then the most peaceful loving and kind humans with ability for true respect and true tolerance must realize that we must not tolerate the most violent non-caring ego-centric cultures, but enlighten them, restrict them or if necessary destroy them.

Over-population by humans is just as stupid as over-population of goats eating everything eatable in their way turning all into desert and rocks. When you follow me you are on the right path.

This is the truth in oneness and pure love for humankind, for nature and for the survival of all that we need to survive, all that we need to enjoy and all that we need to prosper so that we all can smile together. 🙂


What happens if I follow bad verses contradicting Maitreya’s teachings?

Any other teachings leading to the opposite of these teachings is not the way of God but fabrications by evil or stupid humans using religion, ideology or even science to serve their short-term greedy goals. Such corruption is not what God wants and punishment sometimes comes directly, often in the form of the suffering from absence of decency, because you cannot do bad without feeling bad and the punishment you receive by not following me also comes in many other ways.

If you find pleasure in doing bad against balance with nature you are not a follower of me and I order my followers to restrict you and destroy you in all ways possible in order to save the balance with nature for all of us!

It is self-evident that you have real value if you create real value for us all in harmony with nature! So. Promote natural and consume natural as much as you possibly can! Reduce over-population, restrict consumption, preserve resources, reuse, reduce and recycle! Promote oneness, pure love and truth!

Spend your time to focus on relevant things!


Explained by Maitreya – Why is truth without pure love and oneness so dangerous?

Because truth spoken with pure love and oneness can be very annoying as it is, we must understand that truth spoken without pure love and oneness often can create strong hatred and aggression.

Truth that lack oneness and pure love is dangerous for the one who speak it, but it is still the truth even if it is often resisted by the stupid and the evil.

The really stupid and evil want to feel hate and aggression and do not realize that it hurts their own bodies and their own minds and also can hurt other people who instead deserve love and respect.

If you speak a language of truth, or paint art of truth, you are brave in the eyes of God because sometimes you must risk attack from the stupid and the evil. Truth is very annoying for the stupid and evil and will make them aggressive and hateful instead of accepting the truth as it is.

The stupid and the evil will not be stupid and evil anymore in the moment they start to laugh.  🙂 The laughter is the beginning of experiencing oneness, pure love and truth. Laugh with warmth, at yourself, laugh at what is annoying! Nothing is really annoying except the truth until we stop resisting it and we begin to accept it.

You who speak the truth or paint the truth will be rewarded in this life by your own courage and I wish you to live long and prosper.

For you Christians who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is an after-life in heaven as believed by many, or another dimension, I am sure you who speak the truth or paint the truth will be seated there close to me and Jesus.

For you Hindus who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is reincarnation then I am sure you who speak the truth will become a higher being in your next life, then also have pure love and kindness in your message and thereby making stupidity become enlightenment faster, making hatred become pure love. If you believe you will be born again into another body, then surely you will be rewarded and benefit in your next body from following the truth and following me.

Speak the truth and remember loving kindness when you do!


Will other religions survive your teachings or live in harmony with you Maitreya?

I am Maitreya answering questions in oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for all.

Yes and no. Some religions will probably be completely destroyed by me, others might survive longer, but all that is born will eventually die, also the religion in my name.

Yes. All religions have potential to live in harmony with my teachings. Some has to be reformed to survive and I can help their teachers. The false verses must be changed. Religions that struggle against oneness, pure love and truth will have a difficult time ahead.

For Hinduism: If you believe in many smaller Gods, like a strength-god, a money-god or a beauty-god then oneness, pure love and truth must still be your first God and first priority and then you follow me, Maitreya or Kalkin, and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Buddhism: If you follow Buddha today then I tell you that you must read quotes by the Buddha and do meditation in solitude and decide if I am the Maitreya or not. No matter if you believe I am the Maitreya or not I am sure you will help the balance with nature in your actions and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Judaism: If you call yourself a Jew but do not believe in God, then you are an atheist, not a Jew. If you are a Jew and follow God but do not believe in Jesus you must realize that Jesus was the first Messiah sent especially for you to teach you, but you did not like his truth. The truth was annoying for you even if he gave it to you with pure love. Still it was the truth. Jesus traveled far away and received God in his heart in the desert and found oneness, pure love and truth. Then he came back to tech you and we both have the same spirit. You who live now have no guilt of what a few of your ancestors and a few Romans did to him. If you follow oneness, pure love and truth this time then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For people following Jesus through Christianity or only Jesus himself: If you are a man or a woman of God and you believe that God created Universe and all living beings then you must protect natural balance so that the creation of God survives. If you feel God inside and follow Jesus then you are one with God and then you automatically follow me because we are the same in spirit. If you want to follow God as defined by Jesus and me then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Muslims following the Quran and Islam: I am the teacher Mahdi. God tells me that Mohamed, may he rest in peace, was born in a time of unbalance with nature and Mohamed asked God for help and he received it. The help from God helped his people to become as good as possible in the situation they were in. It was very difficult times and it was not easy to be good in order to survive and many people lost their lives. The verses was distorted by the people after him because they were human and even if God helped Mohamed and his followers the scarcity had destroyed too much nature. Because of these difficulties many messages from God to Mohamed are missing, also eaten by goats who could find nothing else to eat, and by false messages that has been added by greedy people in order to discredit him and to benefit themselves. I am here to help you correct the mistakes and restore the reputation of Mohamed.

Tree worshippers: If you believe that the spirits of your ancestors live inside of the trees, then you are already protecting nature and you already follow me and I wish you long life and prosperity.

For Atheism: If you have no faith in a God or spirits but still protect natural balance so that our nature is kept alive for our future generations then that is mindful and pure loving kindness. If you do that then you will automatically follow me and I wish you to live long and prosper.