Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

You must speak with God yourself in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer.

If and when God comes to you in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer and God speaks to you God will give you orders of pure love and kindness. You will know it is from God because it will be orders you do not like, orders that scares you, orders that are not easy,  but you will know that you must do.

Suggestions that seems to good to be true is often too good to be true. Be sceptical and awake so you really know it is God you talk to!

In the present moment God can come to you. If God does not come to you in oneness, pure love and truth then remain relaxed and wait until God comes to you!

If God speaks to us then God speaks about good things that benefit all including yourself, but not only yourself and not only your family and not only your nature but he speaks to all living beings in balance and harmony in all places. The opposite voices are not God.

All who follow God, as defined by me, are higher beings, super-humans, beautiful persons, elected by God to rule and to prosper. A follower of me does his or her best to live in balance with nature and is often deeply connected with pure love and kindness.


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