Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

Any other teachings leading to the opposite of these teachings is not the way of God but fabrications by evil or stupid humans using religion, ideology or even science to serve their short-term greedy goals. Such corruption is not what God wants and punishment sometimes comes directly, often in the form of the suffering from absence of decency, because you cannot do bad without feeling bad and the punishment you receive by not following me also comes in many other ways.

If you find pleasure in doing bad against balance with nature you are not a follower of me and I order my followers to restrict you and destroy you in all ways possible in order to save the balance with nature for all of us!

It is self-evident that you have real value if you create real value for us all in harmony with nature! So. Promote natural and consume natural as much as you possibly can! Reduce over-population, restrict consumption, preserve resources, reuse, reduce and recycle! Promote oneness, pure love and truth!

Spend your time to focus on relevant things!



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