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“Is Islam a religion of peace?” a question often debated and blaming Islam and Mohamed for war.

Here are my teachings. Do not judge too quickly!

Peace or war is not the result of religions, but you yourselves wanting something, either in greed or for the sake of Allah. If you listen to Allah inside of you will know that he decides everything if we let him. Therefore there is no such thing as a religion of peace or a religion of war. Even a religion of war would not make any wars if there was no blind followers. Even a religion of peace would not make peace happen if the followers were not peaceful and even a religion of balance with nature would not make balance with nature if the followers did not care for balance with nature.

When there is peace then pure love becomes easy. When there is pure love oneness becomes easy. You can not make oneness through constant war. When war comes you must fight on the side of balance with nature. Then you fight with and for Allah.

There are times for violence in the name of Allah. This must be understood. Sometimes Allah asks us to be violent, sometimes violence will be the only right path. However the goal must be peace, pure love, oneness and balance with nature, so that we and future generations all may live well and prosper, but not greed, not pride, not fear and we must be honest with ourselves and Allah always.

When property is used wisely for the benefit of balance with nature then this is good. Property taken from evil greedy monkeys is not theft. Property taken from followers of Allah is theft and must be punished.

Most of us can choose to listen to Allah inside of us and we can choose not to listen. There are voices there if we are open to hear them. These voices are sometimes from Allah and sometimes from fear or greed. You will know the difference if you listen with care.

There is no reason for fear or greed because everyone dies and we can not bring wealth to where we go after death. What ever you believe, you can not bring wealth or property to heaven or to hell and you can not bring it to your own reincarnation. However you can bring balance to nature for the benefit of the generations to come and shine brightly in the eyes of Allah while you live.

A follower of Allah who follows Allah with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart is a true follower of Allah. Therefore a person who says he or she is follower of Allah is not always a follower of Allah and a non-believer is not always a non-believer in the eyes of Allah. All who listens to Allah that is oneness, pure love and truth, in the right way, can tell the difference.

War spoken in the name of Allah is not always a war in the name of Allah but can be a money-war created by people acting like evil greedy monkeys using the blind faith of others. We all know that one day we die and then worldly possessions are useless. Therefore these evil greedy people, whatever they call themselves, are not with Allah and it disturbs them because they are like evil greedy monkeys in vain and they know it.

If you, with open eyes, listen to Allah inside o yourself and if you do carefully study and follow the trail of money into the pockets of the evil greedy monkeys then you will know if you fight a war for Allah or not. A war in the name of Allah is helping balance with nature and coming generations and kills the evil greedy monkeys.

To struggle and fight for natural balance can be done in a peaceful way and a violent way and if you are successful in a peaceful way this is of course much more sweet in the eyes of Allah than killing. What you chose should be decided with care, choosing the most effective strategy and method.

Fight enemies of the balance with nature wherever you find them and fight with cunning and make sure you win. Always ask Allah for help when in disbelief! Allah knows the way of both the the peaceful warrior and the violent warrior.

Fight a holy battle of oneness with nature wherever you find disbelievers, and turn to them again and again in pure love when they turn away from you! Having belief in Allah is essential. Killing is bad but do kill if you have to and if you strongly believe it can save humanity and balance with nature because then you will save more people than otherwise will be destroyed!

Defensive warfare can be good but is not always the best. If you want to win in the name of Allah then you also have to be like an eagle finding your pray, you have to hit fast, hit hard, in the right moment and then nature will win!

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Comments on: "Is Islam a religion of peace?" (6)

  1. Buddhists, I believe, will fight to the death to preserve the Dharma. I see very little difference in that and fighting to preserve the balance in nature as described above.

    But I also believe that we have to be very careful in deciding who should decide when to take a life. I hope I never face that ever again.

    I prefer the peaceful solution to being with My Beloved day in and day out whenever I can be quiet and still. It is where the holy ones appear within.

    Michael J Contos.
    a Vietnam War veteran
    Writing as Contoveros
    Conshohocken, PA USA

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    • Are you sure Buddhists will fight to the death to preserve a religion? Then Buddhists are truly not listening to Buddha or me and must study quotes of Buddha and me deeper and meditate more on them.

      “My teaching is a means of practice, not something to hold onto or worship.
      My teaching is like a raft used to cross the river.
      Only a fool would carry the raft around after he had already reached the other shore of liberation.”


      • I don’t know . . . Please have compassion for my ignorance

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      • All wars are not bad. Some wars follow common rules and decimate population and save nature.

        If you were a war veteran from a war then you know who made the money on that war, then you know who ordered mass killings and then you know who was responsible for war crimes and you know if there was people destroying balance with nature in this war. Observe truth!

        However. Be very careful in deciding who was responsible and for what, also if it was only bad, but when you know, then I ask you what kind of moral would tell you not to act on the knowledge that you have?

        You must also ask yourself what kind of lives where taken! Was it vermin destroying balance with nature or was it real loving friendly humans creating balance with nature?

        If you decide not to take the life of human vermin, then this vermin will multiply and destroy nature itself.

        You are the one who must decide when to take a life. It was always so in war. Why should you leave that to the evil greedy monkeys to tell you to follow orders blindly? Then they might kill you or your children before you manage to kill them.

        I am Maitreya and I naturally prefer the friendly and peaceful solution, but is the peaceful solution saving our nature or not? We must be honest! We must of course use the working solution, not the faulty one, or we are not very friendly and loving to the children of the future, are we?

        Your real mother is your mother earth. She has fed you and will feed you and your children with healthy food if you care for her.

        You must ask yourself what is the appropriate action against evil vermin that rape our mother? Do we protest faintly, do we stop them and say “bad boys”, or do we lock them up or do we kill them?

        Truth does not hurt. Only when you resist truth, it hurts. Once you flow with truth and change then all becomes easy.

        If you can sit quiet and still and hallucinate holiness when someone is raping your mother then you are not the son of mother earth, then you are vermin.

        So what are you going to be? Vermin or a real Human? Now meditate!


  2. After meditating, I think I’ll take the path of Jesus with the Three Jewels as my Refuge . . .

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    • Vermin is the current state of all humanity and especially the blind religious unknowingly lured away from godlike actions.

      The non-vermin path of Jesus and oneness with God and the path of a Buddha is one and the same.

      The Three Jewels from Buddhism and my teachings next to them:

      I go for refuge in the Buddha.
      – I seek enlightenment. I want to know the truth as it is.
      Quotes from enlightened men like the Buddha or Jesus are very helpful,
      but do not stop there!
      Expand your consciousness further!
      Read more philosophers!

      I go for refuge in the Dharma
      – The teachings are teachings.
      Treat them as such, not as absolute truth, not like religion!
      What if they have been tampered with?
      You must not blindly believe anything!
      Not even me, Jesus or Buddha!
      You must think for yourselves!

      I go for refuge in the Sangha
      – Everyone needs refuge and help from others sometimes.
      Provide it and ask for it when needed or when finding loving friendliness!
      Enlightenment comes in meditation in solitude.
      Following the first jewel means to do meditation in solitude just like the Buddha,
      not always living like vermin on others.
      The non-vermin way means to get out in real life
      with both feet firmly on the ground for enlightened action.


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