Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

The organization Illuminati suggests illumination, enlightenment. Judge for yourself what is the truth about this! Beware of that there is a problem with illumination if you are really stupid.

There are people wanting a “new age” with a new religion and a “new world order” where you potentially become the slave and they become the masters.

This is however not what Allah wants. Allah wants Oneness, Pure Love, Truth and Prosperity for all, not just for a few.

Judge for yourselves if Russel Brand is a new fake Messiah or a real one!

Signs of a fake Messiah:
– Big ego.
– Will be displayed in the evil greedy monkey’s media.
– Will encourage peaceful protest, avoiding real enlightened peoples takeover.
– Personal relations with the powerful and the rich.
Other signs of “Illuminati”

Real enlightenment comes from meditation and leads to less ego, courage and pure love, leading to a feeling of Oneness with all living beings where people, animals and plants are treated with respect.

Real enlightenment leads to real truth-seeking, real science, leading us all to real enlightenment, not fake capitalist science or fake capitalist spirituality. Real enlightenment will lead to balance with nature, equality, prosperity for us all and for future generations.

Pure love

Comments on: "Beware of the fake Maitreya! Decide if Russel Brand is a fake Messiah!" (1)

  1. Now I have studied the man and however open and funny he at first may seem, this is not a Messiah…yet, far from it.

    He spilled his energy on drugs, wasted a large part of his egocentric life on drugs, is somehow proud of it, boasts about it, gets rewarded in media for it, gets rich and gets a good looking girlfriend who promotes luxury in her song-writings. This is in fact very dangerous drug-promotion by the media and this is not very Messiah-like … yet, on the contrary.

    His ego does not want to admit he was a criminal and that he therefore want drugs to become legal to justify his own ego, when he himself knows that increased consciousness is the only way out and he himself know that enforcing the law will prevent many from going into this mental drug illness that he himself had to suffer from.

    The way becoming a Messiah for anyone is to do much more meditation in solitude and remove oneself from fancy necklaces, hats and from the stage. It is to become a simple man.

    Today he is an egocentric comedian, probably luring many young into all kinds of disaster, so definitely not a Messiah … yet.

    When he admits the above and moves away from the fake ego and show real humility before God then he will become pure love, oneness, truth and he will create prosperity. Then he will be more Messiah-like.


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