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[Problem Solved] This is The Real Maitreya

Who is the real Matreya?” the web page Got Questions ask. The answer is half good.

The real answer is: I am The Real Maitreya. I am motivated by compassion for all sentinent beings and all sentinent plants.


My mission is to help you see reality as it is and thereby you will loose your doubts and fears. To see reality, as it is, you need to do meditation and to study wise people’s thoughts. Read their illuminating quotes and meditate on the content! Be critical, but be positive because this is mentally healthy! The most essential thing is to study the basics of the philosophy of logical thinking!

By following my guidance you will experience less and less silly cravings for things you do not really need. You will no longer need to impress anyone. You will see clearly that you will benefit the most from living among other loving beings and do loving friendly things towards them.

You will be free from all misery and realize that being in this moment is not a fantasy of becoming something in the future. Just be right now! Remember that you are not a finished painting, but have the potential to be something else in every moment. You can do nothing about the past. You can only correct things in the present moment and only in the present moment will we affect the future. So keep present in every moment!

You will learn how easy it is to live a holy life. You will feel motivated to try it step by step, maybe just for one hour at first, then for two, then for three! God is oneness, unity and pure love inside of you and just wants you to connect to it and help all other beings and live in harmony with them.

The more you succeed in this life to be close to God in every moment, the more you will be successful with other things as well. Do not expect perfection instantly and never dwell on the past! Keep your presence in the moment! Keep the right intention always!

Now is always the moment when we together can create a new situation. A situation where you do not really need anything as your own but we can own things together and still you will have a more rich life.

The more you aim for this in your actions, in your own life and the more you create this natural state for all, the more happiness we will all experience together, because the constant creation and gathering of material things on your own and the guarding of material things on your own makes you lonely and poor inside.

The happy life will be possible with positivity and a keen sense of togetherness. You will live a happy life with a good purpose, in groups, helping each other and the world in a mindful way.

In this state we will need very little private possession, not gold, not silver. There is nothing wrong with a good home or good relatives or some possessions, but we will not be bound to bad homes or bad relatives or possessions, but will be free to seek real homes with real friends and we will have a minimum of possessions in order to create a nature in balance together.

You will experience passion and maybe enjoy passionate moments but you will not be controlled by passion or a be a victim to passion. You will be in control of your passion and of your life. You will have direction from God within and you will have the right intention and be passionate about this.

In meditation and through other practices you will enter into trances where you see the truth and God in a bright light, because God will reveal himself to you when you are ready. You will follow the image and memory of this illuminating light inside. You will live in an abundance of joy and happiness and you will automatically lead a more holy life and you will love to do so.

You will be able to separate good from evil easily no matter what religion you today belong to. When you find God inside then religious dogma will no longer be necessary and will be abandoned.

You will see clearly which parts of religion are from God and which ones are not from God but created by manipulation, lies, control, greed, pride, insanity, cruelty and fear and therefore can not be from God.

You must yourself decide which texts are from God, truth, oneness and pure love.

Best regards

Comments on: "[Problem Solved] This is The Real Maitreya" (2)

  1. Hello, you do not believe that only receives the información through maitreya?


    • How do you separate desinformation from informaton? The answer is meditation in solitude.
      ¿Cómo separarar desinformación de informaton? La respuesta es la meditación en soledad.


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