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  1. Dear Writer of this Blog

    This question isn’t for a public answer, unless you want to make it so. I ask it for my own personal reasons as I have a very strong need for the truth of your real and actual experience in this regard.

    Please can you tell me how you became aware of yourself as being Maitreya and how you experience that?

    For example, at some point in your life you experienced a revelation, had a vision or you heard a voice, through which you realised or were told by the voice that you are Maitreya. Only later did you discover that such a being exists in the literature of Buddhism and more recent writings of some Westerners like Bernard Creme. OR, you had the experience but no name, and only came across information about Maitreya later, perhaps in a book, on a website or were told of him by another person and you thought “Aha! that’s me!”

    Also, do you see yourself as Maitreya who has incarnated on earth as you, so you were born as Maitreya, or is Maitreya another being who appeared to or within you, and communicates to/through you?

    As I said, I only wish to know this for myself and will keep your answer to myself, so the authority of your blog as the product of a divine being will not be diminished by the consciousness of you as a mortal being.

    I look forward to your reply


    • Thanks David for your very intelligent questions.

      That you have a strong need for the truth is very good. This brings you closer to enlightenment.

      The first revelation came after only ten days of meditation in solitude from about 10:00 to 14:00 on a beach. I was not looking at the watch. The meditation made me connect with what I believe different people call God, Universe, The Fountain, Oneness, Pure Love etc.

      In the moment it happened I was actually not alone but was sitting next to a person with a strong positive spirit. A person with an inner call and with a good direction in life, just like myself. We were watching the sunset in meditation together and the sun was glimmering in the sea. In a moment it changed everything. I realized that many honest and religious people have experienced God before and that this is the reason for their strong belief in God, then religion often leads them astray to be controlled by short-term fear and less awareness.

      I was already acting in the right way, but the difference after the God-experience was a stronger motivation and a pure sense of joy doing it. The laughter in the face of challenge was pure in a new and fresh way. As if I knew the right way before, but now I also felt it and it accelerated me.

      Later I became aware of myself being Maitreya by reading about Maitreya. My first feeling was a chock and disbelief. It was a feeling of mixed emotions.

      Meditation was the very thing that made me become more aware and open for the truth in the first place. I thank this to Buddhism and the Dalai Lama and the book Happiness. I guess the Abrahamic religions could never have done this for me since they are full of things that repel any true seeker of Truth, Pure Love and Oneness in the 20th century, and that is why so many atheists sadly often lack the spirit that people need today to save us all from short-term fear and less awareness.

      However, the chock and disbelief of being Maitreya was actually mixed with fear and a sense of curiosity. Fear went away quickly in meditation since fear is without logic in a long-term perspective. The chock and disbelief, blaming the ego stayed a bit longer, until I realized it was not ego at all. The ego did in fact cause the disbelief, wanting to hide from responsibility, staying in my heaven on earth, resting happily in my fantastic world, like Siddhartha Buddha protected in his father’s castle.

      So. What brought me to the point of acceptance was more meditation. Meditation helps me to stay focused and active in the right way.

      No. It is not a voice. It is knowing without words. It is simply being open to the many connections that happens in the brain pointing us to to all kinds of obvious things. I did not learn it through Mr Creme. I learned I was The Real Maitreya by reading more about the different Buddhas, later learning the correlation with Mithra, Mahdi, Kalkin and Messiah.

      So Yes. I first had the experience of being one with God, but not the awareness of Maitreya and then “Aha! that’s me!”.

      “Incarnated” means “in” “carne” in flesh. I am in flesh. I have human body, just like all other prophets. I was different as a child. Not easily fooled. With higher awareness, higher strength, higher intelligence than normal and a mother teaching me pure love for all people. My father taught me to think correctly. My uncle taught med chess helping me to think in many steps and long-term. Other famous thinkers increased my abilities to think in an open way.

      I have always felt a bit like … an Alien life-form with too high intelligence for this planet :oD

      No. Maitreya is not another being who appeared within me or communicates through me. As I understand it, I am The Real Maitreya.

      As I see it, all Prophets and Buddhas were mortal beings and definitely not perfect. The idea of perfection and immortality and flying etc. probably came from worshippers and schizophrenics, not wanting to see the truth, but seeking miracle, when actually truth in itself is the greatest miracle of all.

      Sure. Truth can hurt if your ego do not want to see it. But with acceptance truth is liberating and wonderful. Truth is God. Embrace it! Lies will not help us long-term. Only truth will lead to prosperity.


  2. Hello! Can you please explain that how can maitreya help a person in personal aspect of life? What is his link with God? Does God talk to him? There are many who claim that they are the real maitreya, so, how can one prove that he is the real maitreya?


    • What is his link with God?
      – Maitreyas link with your idea of God depends on your definition of a God.
      Define your God!

      Does God talk to him?
      -Yes. No matter what definition you have of a God your God can communicate with Maitreya.

      There are many who claim that they are the real Maitreya, so, how can one prove that he is the real Maitreya?
      – The proof might come to you suddenly, when least expected, through thorough investigation of definitions of Maitreya and through longer periods of silent meditation in a silent setting.


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