Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya


– What is God?
– A God is something you worship. Some have many Gods, some have only one God. Everyone worship something, also atheists. All spend their time with is their God. Time spent on something is what you give your energy to. Therefore worship a God you will enjoy that creates something good for you and the future generations and for nature! If your God seems to lead you in another direction than is good for yourself and for future generations then question your concept of God! I met God in meditation and of course it could be just a fantastic hallucination, but for me God is balance with nature, oneness with nature, truth and pure love.

– Does God listen to prayers?
– Maybe. God seems to listen to some of my prayers but not to all. I still do not know why. Maybe other peoples wishes interfere with my own wishes or he does not listen at all but things just happen anyway because of my mental focus that help me see opportunities that otherwise would pass me by. How to prove that he listens or not I do not know. It is still a mystery for me but I like it. It is nice to pray for world peace and balance with nature. If we are many that pray for this God might listen. 🙂


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