Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

Meaning of Life

– What is the meaning of life?
The meaning for life is to live and to prosper in harmony with each other and other life. Life finds new ways, reaches out to new unknown boundaries and fails, learns, tries again and succeed.

– What happens when we die?
People who came back from a close death sometimes tell us strange experiences of what they could see, but when the brain finally has no oxygen and we stop dreaming and thinking and then we loose consciousness completely. Our body relaxes and we can not move, our lung-muscles stop breathing and the cells begin to die in our bodies. Bacteria and fungus that lived in harmony in our bodies and other organisms living on dead meat slowly begin to eat our bodies and then our bodies slowly return into molecules in them. Your reputation as a person remains for a while but your bones remain longer like fossils just like we can find from old animals like dinosaurs.

– Will all humans die out just like the dinosaurs?
– Maybe. There is a big chance that we will die out, just like the dinosaurs if we do not decide to live in balance with nature and develop advanced technology that lasts. It was already very close that humanity died out once. There was only about ten thousand of humans left on the planet once. However we can chose to be prepared and use technology and resources wisely if we want to survive. Religion, ideologies, overpopulation and wars can be very counterproductive for survival and must be removed if they are not helpful to us and for balance with nature.


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