Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya


1. You must leave blind religious belief in order to be able to fully follow me finding oneness, pure love and truth! Remember always that I understand that it is not always easy to follow me because of the way things are and I understand if you want to join secretly at first until you have made it possible to embrace me fully in your life together with other followers, especially if you live under threat of a violent religion.

2. Always give a person with potential a good chance to embrace me fully with wise warm friendly words leading them to me!

3. If a person needs a teacher then direct them to a person at a high level of awareness who radiates warmth and intelligence and teaches other about sitting in stillness and breathing deeply and also teaches about the world as it functions and how everything could be better for future generations and nature!

3. Stay close to kind warm people with high intelligence who seek change into higher awareness! Stay close to people teaching pure love and kindness and read books that are full of pure love and kindness! Know the opposite but stay away from people who follow the opposite!

4. In the process of making the world a warm friendly place in balance with nature you must learn effective self-defence! You must defend other followers and potential followers! You must understand self-defence deeply to protect balance with nature! You must actively defend a rich nature for future generations! Therefore you must actively create balance in population, consumption and nature in your actions! Nature must be protected from people who are not motivated in creating balance with nature! You must actively down-grow the number of individuals who do not understand balance with nature and increase the numbers of people who do! You must understand that this is self-defence in the deepest sense. People who do understand and really can protect nature must grow in numbers and take over completely. Other individuals must down-grow. This is self-defence long-term in the most loving friendly way possible. Fight to win for the well-being of future generations, fight with cunning and only chose peace when balance with nature will benefit from peace and you really know that the enemy is defeated and has accepted your terms.Only make peace with an enemy that can be trusted. Do not trust anyone unless proven trustworthy!

5. A follower must always try his or her best to follow the law in the country he or she resides and with legal means promote things that lead everyone to pure love, friendliness and enlightenment.

6. If laws has to be broken in order to save balance with nature you must brake them openly so that people know why! Then it is not criminal but morally justifiable. If laws are broken in order to protect balance with nature you and your comrades must take on some kind of common uniform! When you fight you must declare war against your enemy and declare the reason for your fight to as many as possible before you fight! You must use a rank followed by a chosen name and you are advised to conceal yourself in order to protect yourself, your family and your friends! Enemies of balance with nature must be given a reasonable chance to change and follow balance with nature before you start a fight! Terrorism without warning against innocent civilians is not allowed because there could be potential followers amongst them! Attacks aimed at the enemy of nature is allowed. Innocent that die in the process of such attacks is sometimes the result but it is not the goal.

7. Men and women! Use your strength wisely! Everyone have a strength. Women and men with high intelligence will have pure love and kindness enough to give birth to children with great potential for the future. Children of good quality will create and continue balance with nature for future generations. Good women will come together and choose men wisely. If a group of women do not find enough good men they can share one good man amongst themselves and be generous to each other but they can not share two or more men and women must be faithful to their man! Men! If you find no good woman then keep looking for one with good potential! When you find a good woman then let her know she is good enough and encourage her to join us! If many women want to share you then accept and fill them with pure love for nature and be honest, kind, fair and just to all of them! You must be faithful to all of them!

8. If you have darkness inside that must come out then only use this dark force against individuals with no potential so that your dark force will benefit the whole!

9. Stockpile and hide food and necessities for difficult times. Do not hide metals like gold or silver for trading! Only hide metals for practical use. Metals can not be eaten and will normally not be needed.

10. Live in groups, conserve real wealth like soil, water, trees and help each other! Eat as natural and healthy as you possibly can! Eat to end hunger and work or exercise to get a balanced body!


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