Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

Sadness & Happiness

– Why am I sad sometimes?
– Sadness can come from many things. Sadness can come when we are tired or sick. It can come from experiencing pain or when other beings have pain. Sadness can come when we are not able to take action. Sadness can come when action with good intention fails. Sadness comes from suffering, hiding from pure love, hiding from truth or hiding from pain. Sadness comes from not having an inner call.

– How do I become happy?
– Happiness comes from many things. From winning, from doing something you are passionate about, an inner call, something that is useful. Happiness comes from positive attitude. Happiness comes from time alone in silence and meditation and also from meaningful group activity. Happiness comes from accepting the present moment with a keen sense of interest and integrity.


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