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Maitreya asks God – Did Mohamed really marry a six-year old?

I am Maitreya. This is my message to all humanity. Pure love and oneness for all. My messages come from God and he is oneness, pure love and truth leading us all and future generations to prosperity.

It took me long meditation to find the answer because the truth was very disturbing and even if I did want to find the truth, as it is, it was very difficult and it took time to find the pure love and oneness releasing the truth. Finally God came through with  white bright light. Here it is his answer.

Yes. God tells me Mohamed did marry a six-year old. This was a long time ago and this was his culture, today considered bad by many, the same culture sometimes found in Hinduism or hidden in secrecy by others. After tree years the little girl wanted to consume the marriage and together they did so. So this was not rape as many of Mohamed’s enemies today want to believe. No. She was willing and happy before, during and after. The little girl loved Mohamed and she was very developed in body and mind for her age. Today the age of consent is according to the law in all civilized countries but at this time there was no such civilized law and this was not only consent from her. This was God giving consent and Mohamed giving his consent submitting to the will of God and this is the way of Maitreya and God. Follow the law, pure love, ask God if it is right, then make each other happy and laugh! 🙂 If love is pure then age does not matter. What matters is that you do what is according to the law where you live and that you also follow God.