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Jesus was healed from crucifixion and travelled to the east

The prophet Jesus was born a Jew and very intelligent and gifted in many things. Soon he travelled to the east. Allah appeared to him in the east and he returned to his people because they needed him and his connection with Allah. Jesus learned his healing methods in the east and sat in stillness in the desert much as the great teacher he was. To prove a point to his people he came to them as a poor man and decided not to come dressed as the king chosen by Allah that he was.

Jesus said that we are all sons and daughters of Allah. His popularity began to rise and he would soon have become a king of his people. The evil greedy leadership of the Jews became afraid of Jesus and wanted to protect their corrupted relations with Rome from Jesus so they helped the Romans to crucify him.

Jesus appeared dead on the cross but did not die on the cross. He was healed with the healing plant Aloe and Myrrh, escaped Rome and spent his last days in Kashmir where he finally died and was buried. The story of Jesus ascending to heaven was created to protect him from Rome and the evil greedy monkeys. That is why he travelled east, not west.

Most of the Jews were like evil greedy monkeys and did not listen to the message from Jesus and Allah. Mohamed knew this as well. Because the Jews did not recognize Jesus as their prophet, many of them continued like evil greedy monkeys grabbing the land and property from other people and that is why Mohamed was especially angry with their disbelief in Jesus and in Allah.

The Jews who did listen began to call themselves Christians. The ones who did not listen to Jesus continue to call themselves Jews. An evil greedy monkey does not follow Allah whatever he or she calls himself or herself. There are good seeds and bad seeds among all people. Most good Jews have already converted to Christianity, Islam or Atheism. The Jews who do follow Allah are not evil greedy monkeys so it is easy to tell a good Jew from a bad Jew.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like