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Allah helped us all and Mohamed was one of his messengers

In the days of Mohamed until today people were fighting with each other doing things that were not good in the eyes of Allah and many suffered. Jews who did not believe in Allah caused many problems for Mohamed and his people. Mohamed’s people needed Allah’s guidance.

Mohamed experienced Allah’s message as if it came from the angel Gabriel. He was able to receive many good messages from Allah. Fighting through spiritually but also killing in the name of Allah was necessary for Mohamed’s people in self-defence. Allah was on the side of Mohamed and his people and they won many battles.

Everyone believed Allah was almighty, that Allah decided over life and death, birth or infertility. Scientific knowledge had not yet been given to humanity. In this new age we know better.

Death through war was necessary in the times of scarcity. Death was sometimes horrible. Allah helped all people with rules through Mohamed that made death better in the eyes of Allah, both for animals and for humans.

Humans suffered much before Allah’s message came to Mohamed. War between humans did not destroy nature in these times, instead it saved nature and humanity by creating balance.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like