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Which other beliefs are accepted by Maitreya? Is apostasy necessary?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

All religions are accepted except verses from all religions distorted away from God by greedy humans. These verses are not original and not from true prophets and are therefore not from God.

Remaining in one religion for practical reasons does not mean you have to follow or teach corrupted verses in your own religion. Focus on the positive and raise awareness about the true nature of God and the downside of humanity and the distorted verses!

Apostasy is not necessary. If you decide to become an apostate from your own religion and feel motivated to follow me then do it in a loving kind way to yourself and to others. If you are a Muslim then say you now follow Teacher Madhi, if you are a Jew then say you now follow the Messiah, if you are a Buddhist then say you now follow Maitreya! It is just a name for you to understand and to identify me with, but I am the one and the same.

You can follow me and call yourself what you like! There is no penalty leaving me. The power of my words does not need any corrupted threats against anyone even if religions sometimes contain lying verses that was created by greedy humans who did not know God themselves.