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Street Wise Spirituality? – Why make people focus on possessions?

Mark Passio, the former satanist and student of the occult has created a presentation called Street Wise Spirituality. He says he does it because he feels that anyone with his knowledge has an obligation to do so. If it is true it is a very good inner call indeed. Straight with friendlyness from the heart. 🙂 I like that.

The presentation is supposed to help us all become more awake and in the beginning of his presentation I do agree that many basic things stated can be very helpful for many people in order to awake in different fields. That is true. It is a bit like reading Gandhi quotes. It is wisdom. Sweet words. I love it. Can never be repeated too much.

It is when Mark comes to the issue of possession and property I begin to wonder… Why is possession an issue if he claims to be awake?

Does not Universe have endless of galaxies? In the big picture are we and our possessions not unimportant? Life is short and can only be lived in every moment. Do you not agree that positive change, that can make all our lives better, only can occur in every moment?

Don’t you agree that to much property and possessions often makes us forget to live in the moment and don’t you agree that too much possessions prevent real change and are often the cause of suffering, as well?

Why do you think monks have very few possessions and often glow of pure happiness?

Why do you want to make people focus on property and possessions, Mark? 🙂

Change is always an option for the awakened one. Think about it! Feel free to awaken more, Mark, and feel free to practice Meditation in silence and solitude! I promise that it does wonders and sometimes we are lucky enough to encounter God as well. 😉

God is oneness and pure love.

Best regards

PS. Can a donation be an entrance fee of 25$?