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The Emergence of the World Teacher Maitreya

This YouTube-clip makes me laugh, but Benjamin Creme basically got the message, even if he added some faulty things. 🙂 I was not sent because of star constellations, but I will expect you all to act.

There seems to be one more Maitreya born 1977 according to Benjamin.

And to enlighten you all I feel one with Jesus. Read what he said and meditate on that!

I am in favour of you reading all kinds of thinkers and philosophers and come closer to oneness, unity and pure love, but in order to succeed we all have to leave all dogmatic religions behind.

Yes. I will teach you how to live together in peace and harmony with nature.

Yes. I will teach you how to share in a long-term way succeeding with balance.

Yes. I will teach you about the energy of equilibrium, balance.

Yes. I am here to rewire your thinking patterns.

Yes. Corruption is wrong and must be replaced by honesty. Politics is the first place where corruption must be replaced with honesty. It is a faulty idea to leave politics because it is corrupted. Boycotting will not change anything. Positive focus is the key.

Yes. Things are sometimes connected but sometimes they are not connected, just like your brain knows what is right to do, but you do not feel motivated to act on it.

No. Even if we do not need nuclear testing, underground nuclear testing does not cause movements in tectonic plates. There has always been earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Yes. If we become too many people we will cut down the trees and will eventually harm ourselves. The solution is to take political action to restrict our numbers and to plant trees where needed to restore balance.

Yes. I will bring in the people who cares for the well-being of all people in the world.

Yes. I can change appearance.

Yes. I will be followed by 40 masters into the wild to teach them what they need to know.

Yes. Market forces can be very bad forces and must be under strict control.

Yes. You must be sincere to what you believe and act on it.