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You must be the leader of yourself! – This is a new age. I am the new teacher.

Before our times death followed natural law and  many babies died. There was balance with nature.

Now we live in a different time. This is the new age. Now many of you are ready for more truth from Allah. I have now decided to give you this message after consulting Allah because of the threat from the atom bomb and because peace and balance with nature must happen fast.

Seek Allah inside of yourself in your heart and in your mind in this new age! Only using old religion blindly will not serve you or our nature enough. You need direct advice from Allah!

Now, in this new age, you must be the leader of yourself and only follow leaders who speak and act in the direction of balance with nature! Do not follow the leaders speaking about growth of money or growth of population!

Your family is not determined by blood-lines. We are all humans with the same kind of blood and we are all potential followers of Allah. True followers of Allah are like brothers and sisters and are the ones creating balance with nature.

You must not follow any teacher or any verse blindly, old or new, because they can be wrong according to Allah! You must not even follow me or any other teacher if you truly believe we are not right and if we do not speak the words of Allah!

As a follower of Allah you must treat all other humans equal no matter of previous belief! You know for yourselves that also you must first have a false belief before your belief becomes closer to Allah.

As a follower of Allah you must doubt all calling themselves follower of Allah at the same time! Hypocrites are everywhere. You must also doubt yourself.

Doubt is necessary for strong belief! If you do not doubt your own teachings, if you do not analyze and think for yourself deeply, then you can not know deeply if your own knowledge of Allah is true.

If a follower of Allah does not care for balance with nature then he or she is not following Allah. If a person creates balance with nature in his or her actions then he or she is a true follower of Allah even if they say they are not.

It is only when religion or ideology is regarded as truth blindly without question it can be used by evil greedy monkeys. When Allah is heard inside all of us then Allah rules this world.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like