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The evil-doers kill for money and power but they can be forgiven

The evil-doers kill for money and power. Take them down in what ever way you can! Do it peacefully with democracy or with violence if no peaceful means can be used!

The evil-doers kill presidents, they kill peaceful honest generals protecting their people, protecting democracy and they kill people by dropping bombs. The evil-doers corrupt democracy in hidden rooms. They claim to do it for their country, but the truth is that such behaviour can never be good for any country or its future generations long-term, because the evil-doers do not care for balance with nature and this means it can never be good for anyone, not even for themselves or their own children. Their children and future generations will suffer from their actions. Having much money is no protection for their children, on the contrary, it is a curse in disguise.

The silly thing is that all evil-doers do evil out of fear, fear that leads to greed and greed that leads to evil which leads to more fear of being killed. Therefore meditation is the only way out. Meditation leads to peace, real love and real courage.

The evil-doers fund wars that are only in their own short-term self-interest, not for Allah, and they know it, and they know the punishment. The punishment is living this life like a dirty dog in a spiritual emotional sense. Still, even a dog, even a dirty one, can have a better spiritual life than these evil-doers ever can unless they re-wire the brain.

There is an easy way out. Follow me! I am the teacher. Begin to do good with your money and your property long-term! Then your pitiful life will change for the better, even if you did evil before, because all did evil, even if they are aware of it or not.

And if you think you did no evil, then wake up! Somebody put these individuals into power again and again, someone submit to their fraud, someone was too afraid to say no, someone did not enlighten other people to avoid conflicts, someone was too afraid to loose a job or a wife. Remember that sometimes when you loose you did not loose, you won, and you planted seeds with your deeds.

Beware my friends! Truth and enlightenment can not be spread without the evil being upset, but they need to be upset before they can heal. You must be courageous and not fold! Stand your ground! Stand firmly on both feet and speak your mind and remember to be as friendly as you can when they are angry with you, because they are not angry with you but with truth itself, they are angry with Allah! When they understand this then Allah wins. Then you plant Allah’s seed that will eventually grow inside their hearts and inside their minds!


Explained by Maitreya – Why is truth without pure love and oneness so dangerous?

Because truth spoken with pure love and oneness can be very annoying as it is, we must understand that truth spoken without pure love and oneness often can create strong hatred and aggression.

Truth that lack oneness and pure love is dangerous for the one who speak it, but it is still the truth even if it is often resisted by the stupid and the evil.

The really stupid and evil want to feel hate and aggression and do not realize that it hurts their own bodies and their own minds and also can hurt other people who instead deserve love and respect.

If you speak a language of truth, or paint art of truth, you are brave in the eyes of God because sometimes you must risk attack from the stupid and the evil. Truth is very annoying for the stupid and evil and will make them aggressive and hateful instead of accepting the truth as it is.

The stupid and the evil will not be stupid and evil anymore in the moment they start to laugh.  🙂 The laughter is the beginning of experiencing oneness, pure love and truth. Laugh with warmth, at yourself, laugh at what is annoying! Nothing is really annoying except the truth until we stop resisting it and we begin to accept it.

You who speak the truth or paint the truth will be rewarded in this life by your own courage and I wish you to live long and prosper.

For you Christians who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is an after-life in heaven as believed by many, or another dimension, I am sure you who speak the truth or paint the truth will be seated there close to me and Jesus.

For you Hindus who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is reincarnation then I am sure you who speak the truth will become a higher being in your next life, then also have pure love and kindness in your message and thereby making stupidity become enlightenment faster, making hatred become pure love. If you believe you will be born again into another body, then surely you will be rewarded and benefit in your next body from following the truth and following me.

Speak the truth and remember loving kindness when you do!