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The “satanic verses” lured on to Mohamed by Satan must be inserted again in the Quran

The so called “satanic verses” removed from the new versions of the Quran must be inserted again! The idea that Mohamed or Jesus were perfect men and that their connection with God was flawless must not be in any teachings! A prophet is human, not perfection. Fatwas against writers, like Salman Rushdie, who state the truth in the matter, are hereby removed with the authority direct from Allah.

Anyone who get angry with the truth does not work for Allah, but the opposite. Anger from muslims created more sales of this book and gave muslims and the Quran a bad name in the whole world. The act of burning Salman’s book was not good in the eyes of Allah. The fatwa against him was a political game to control a country and was not in the spirit of Allah.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like