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Maitreya tries vegan and meat but what does God say?

I tried to be vegan, and my shit started to smell lovely, then I went back to a nice chicken stew with curry one day to see the difference and I woke up with stinking mouth and stinking shit.

Life is a challenge for us all. We must all make our choices. A cheetah must eat meat, a gazelle must eat vegetation and a wild bore can eat both.

Who are we to judge anyone of them? It is nature. We ourselves must try and feel and do what feels natural for us.


PS. Oh yes, by the way, I often eat in Happy cow restaurants. It makes me happy inside. 🙂

Maitreya’s answer: – What does God want? Violence or Peace?

I am Maitreya! I am the teacher. – Understand that you must not judge too quickly! Take your time before you judge any issue! Meditate on these words because they come directly through me from Allah, our God.

Religions are used by the evil greedy monkeys to create wars that they falsely think benefit themselves. The root cause of this behaviour is fear, actually stupid fear. It is stupid because the evil greedy monkeys know themselves they will one day die and will not bring any such stupid wealth to where ever they are going and they do know that their children will not benefit from a nature where animals and plants have not been preserved in their natural state. God, Allah, who is truly the wisest, who is oneness, who is pure love and who is truth, and who leads us all and who cares for future generations and their prosperity wants no such stupid violence.

But Allah, our God inside of us all, also do not want stupid peace or stupid non-violence. Stupid peace is peace where you do not use violence when violence will lead to prosperity for us all and future generations. When you use violence to end stupidity and when violence promote the essence of Allah, our God, then it is truly the sweetest pure loving violence you will ever experience. Kill the evil greedy monkeys when they rape our mother earth! Make them fear you, even stupid fear, because this the stupid evil monkey do understand!

Use both violence and peace intelligently – Do not over-use one or the other! Have no illusion! Be illuminated! Peace and violence exist because of each other, just as light and darkness exist because of each other.


Imam Mahdi – I am here to help all Muslims and all humanity

All Muslims, Atheists and all other religious who want to learn the true words of Allah! Pay attention because I will unite you all!

My words are written with the help of God. Allah is God. Allah is Oneness, pure love and truth.

I have many names. Mahdi is one of my names. Another name is Maitreya. My name is not important, but my teachings are.

Imam means teacher. I am the teacher many of you have been waiting for, some will call me prophet. Anything I am called is approved. The authenticity of my teachings will be found in the teachings themselves.

I am a man, just like any man, just like Jesus and Mohamed, therefore I am not perfect and I do not ask for perfection from myself or from you. The important thing is your focus and your intentions.

These are the teachings for these times we live in. You must follow with an open mind and an open heart! Therefore it is good if you sit alone and breath deeply and read slowly and take pauses when you read.

If you get angry when you read the words of Allah then this is normal. Allah does not speak what you like to hear always.

Truth from Allah can be difficult for the ones who resist truth. See this difficult anger or hatred as something positive that will make you come closer to Allah when you overcome the difficulty and begin to understand.

This message is for all of you. I am here to help Allah and all of us together to save humanity and create balance with nature because you have knowingly or unknowingly destroyed nature too much now.

All prophets approve of drawings of them, also me and all prophets would approve of any caricature made of them. We do not fear truth nor lies. Only one thing makes us angry and that is evil greedy monkeys not following Allah and destroying nature. As the prankster I am I therefore here make the first caricature of myself so that all of you may focus more on the message from Allah, not caricatures.


/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Who is “Lord Maitreya”? Are you “Lord Maitreya”?

Ha ha ha. 🙂 I am a teacher and a healer, healing the world, but maybe I should try calling myself “Lord Maitreya” being so well connected with The Lord, our God. 🙂

I will try and see how it feels and ask God about the word “lord” in meditation. 🙂

a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.

/Lord Maitreya

PS. Ha ha ha. Using “Lord Maitreya” makes me laugh and feel good so it might be right. 🙂

Maitreya asks God – Did Mohamed really marry a six-year old?

I am Maitreya. This is my message to all humanity. Pure love and oneness for all. My messages come from God and he is oneness, pure love and truth leading us all and future generations to prosperity.

It took me long meditation to find the answer because the truth was very disturbing and even if I did want to find the truth, as it is, it was very difficult and it took time to find the pure love and oneness releasing the truth. Finally God came through with  white bright light. Here it is his answer.

Yes. God tells me Mohamed did marry a six-year old. This was a long time ago and this was his culture, today considered bad by many, the same culture sometimes found in Hinduism or hidden in secrecy by others. After tree years the little girl wanted to consume the marriage and together they did so. So this was not rape as many of Mohamed’s enemies today want to believe. No. She was willing and happy before, during and after. The little girl loved Mohamed and she was very developed in body and mind for her age. Today the age of consent is according to the law in all civilized countries but at this time there was no such civilized law and this was not only consent from her. This was God giving consent and Mohamed giving his consent submitting to the will of God and this is the way of Maitreya and God. Follow the law, pure love, ask God if it is right, then make each other happy and laugh! 🙂 If love is pure then age does not matter. What matters is that you do what is according to the law where you live and that you also follow God.


What happens if I follow bad verses contradicting Maitreya’s teachings?

Any other teachings leading to the opposite of these teachings is not the way of God but fabrications by evil or stupid humans using religion, ideology or even science to serve their short-term greedy goals. Such corruption is not what God wants and punishment sometimes comes directly, often in the form of the suffering from absence of decency, because you cannot do bad without feeling bad and the punishment you receive by not following me also comes in many other ways.

If you find pleasure in doing bad against balance with nature you are not a follower of me and I order my followers to restrict you and destroy you in all ways possible in order to save the balance with nature for all of us!

It is self-evident that you have real value if you create real value for us all in harmony with nature! So. Promote natural and consume natural as much as you possibly can! Reduce over-population, restrict consumption, preserve resources, reuse, reduce and recycle! Promote oneness, pure love and truth!

Spend your time to focus on relevant things!


Explained by Maitreya – Why is truth without pure love and oneness so dangerous?

Because truth spoken with pure love and oneness can be very annoying as it is, we must understand that truth spoken without pure love and oneness often can create strong hatred and aggression.

Truth that lack oneness and pure love is dangerous for the one who speak it, but it is still the truth even if it is often resisted by the stupid and the evil.

The really stupid and evil want to feel hate and aggression and do not realize that it hurts their own bodies and their own minds and also can hurt other people who instead deserve love and respect.

If you speak a language of truth, or paint art of truth, you are brave in the eyes of God because sometimes you must risk attack from the stupid and the evil. Truth is very annoying for the stupid and evil and will make them aggressive and hateful instead of accepting the truth as it is.

The stupid and the evil will not be stupid and evil anymore in the moment they start to laugh.  🙂 The laughter is the beginning of experiencing oneness, pure love and truth. Laugh with warmth, at yourself, laugh at what is annoying! Nothing is really annoying except the truth until we stop resisting it and we begin to accept it.

You who speak the truth or paint the truth will be rewarded in this life by your own courage and I wish you to live long and prosper.

For you Christians who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is an after-life in heaven as believed by many, or another dimension, I am sure you who speak the truth or paint the truth will be seated there close to me and Jesus.

For you Hindus who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is reincarnation then I am sure you who speak the truth will become a higher being in your next life, then also have pure love and kindness in your message and thereby making stupidity become enlightenment faster, making hatred become pure love. If you believe you will be born again into another body, then surely you will be rewarded and benefit in your next body from following the truth and following me.

Speak the truth and remember loving kindness when you do!