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How can I speak with God myself?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

You must speak with God yourself in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer.

If and when God comes to you in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer and God speaks to you God will give you orders of pure love and kindness. You will know it is from God because it will be orders you do not like, orders that scares you, orders that are not easy,  but you will know that you must do.

Suggestions that seems to good to be true is often too good to be true. Be sceptical and awake so you really know it is God you talk to!

In the present moment God can come to you. If God does not come to you in oneness, pure love and truth then remain relaxed and wait until God comes to you!

If God speaks to us then God speaks about good things that benefit all including yourself, but not only yourself and not only your family and not only your nature but he speaks to all living beings in balance and harmony in all places. The opposite voices are not God.

All who follow God, as defined by me, are higher beings, super-humans, beautiful persons, elected by God to rule and to prosper. A follower of me does his or her best to live in balance with nature and is often deeply connected with pure love and kindness.


When will the next prophet after Maitreya arrive?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

I am Maitreya the last prophet and the next prophet,  will come when humanity needs the next prophet to come.

If the next prophet is needed but has not yet arrived then follow your inner higher voice of God in contemplation, meditation, introspection and prayer and pray for the new prophet’s arrival! Erect statues for his arrival! Call for the new prophet’s arrival in all ways you can and the next prophet will soon come!

If he is not yet needed, then do not call for him!

When the next prophet comes then open your mind and investigate what he says! If the new prophet’s message is pure love and kindness, without self-greed, leading to prosperity for all then follow this prophet!


How do I separate corrupted satanic verses from the true verses of God?

I am Maitreya answering the question with the help of God.

A true verse from God often contain:
Oneness – Caring for all and the whole, not creating conflict.
Pure love – A love wanting the best for the other person and the future generations.
Truth – Not lies, sometimes annoying because we do not always want to see the truth.
Prosperity – Leads us to prosperity for all in many generations.

A false verse not from God often contain:
Separation between people and nature – Hatred, greed, violence, intolerance, conflict.
Passion – Greed, money, sexual desires, desire for power and wealth.
Lies – Lies are often told without evidence, often proceeded by truth or hidden in truth.
Poverty – It leads to material wealth for a few and poverty for all in many generations.

Introspection, meditation, and prayer can help us to separate corrupted verses from the true verses of God.

Be open and wait in silence and solitude and let God speak to you directly and if God does not speak back to you then continue with introspection, meditation, prayer and keep the hope up that one day God will speak to you and tell you the truth!

If you read my verses and find that they have been manipulated by evil and stupidity then discard them and the next prophet will soon come and tell you about oneness, pure love and truth once again.

If there is no true religion or no true prophet of God or when you see the evil made by humans, ideologies science and religion or when you see evil from your own God or when you search for the true God or need the true God then do introspection, meditation and prayer!