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Is Islam a religion of peace?

“Is Islam a religion of peace?” a question often debated and blaming Islam and Mohamed for war.

Here are my teachings. Do not judge too quickly!

Peace or war is not the result of religions, but you yourselves wanting something, either in greed or for the sake of Allah. If you listen to Allah inside of you will know that he decides everything if we let him. Therefore there is no such thing as a religion of peace or a religion of war. Even a religion of war would not make any wars if there was no blind followers. Even a religion of peace would not make peace happen if the followers were not peaceful and even a religion of balance with nature would not make balance with nature if the followers did not care for balance with nature.

When there is peace then pure love becomes easy. When there is pure love oneness becomes easy. You can not make oneness through constant war. When war comes you must fight on the side of balance with nature. Then you fight with and for Allah.

There are times for violence in the name of Allah. This must be understood. Sometimes Allah asks us to be violent, sometimes violence will be the only right path. However the goal must be peace, pure love, oneness and balance with nature, so that we and future generations all may live well and prosper, but not greed, not pride, not fear and we must be honest with ourselves and Allah always.

When property is used wisely for the benefit of balance with nature then this is good. Property taken from evil greedy monkeys is not theft. Property taken from followers of Allah is theft and must be punished.

Most of us can choose to listen to Allah inside of us and we can choose not to listen. There are voices there if we are open to hear them. These voices are sometimes from Allah and sometimes from fear or greed. You will know the difference if you listen with care.

There is no reason for fear or greed because everyone dies and we can not bring wealth to where we go after death. What ever you believe, you can not bring wealth or property to heaven or to hell and you can not bring it to your own reincarnation. However you can bring balance to nature for the benefit of the generations to come and shine brightly in the eyes of Allah while you live.

A follower of Allah who follows Allah with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart is a true follower of Allah. Therefore a person who says he or she is follower of Allah is not always a follower of Allah and a non-believer is not always a non-believer in the eyes of Allah. All who listens to Allah that is oneness, pure love and truth, in the right way, can tell the difference.

War spoken in the name of Allah is not always a war in the name of Allah but can be a money-war created by people acting like evil greedy monkeys using the blind faith of others. We all know that one day we die and then worldly possessions are useless. Therefore these evil greedy people, whatever they call themselves, are not with Allah and it disturbs them because they are like evil greedy monkeys in vain and they know it.

If you, with open eyes, listen to Allah inside o yourself and if you do carefully study and follow the trail of money into the pockets of the evil greedy monkeys then you will know if you fight a war for Allah or not. A war in the name of Allah is helping balance with nature and coming generations and kills the evil greedy monkeys.

To struggle and fight for natural balance can be done in a peaceful way and a violent way and if you are successful in a peaceful way this is of course much more sweet in the eyes of Allah than killing. What you chose should be decided with care, choosing the most effective strategy and method.

Fight enemies of the balance with nature wherever you find them and fight with cunning and make sure you win. Always ask Allah for help when in disbelief! Allah knows the way of both the the peaceful warrior and the violent warrior.

Fight a holy battle of oneness with nature wherever you find disbelievers, and turn to them again and again in pure love when they turn away from you! Having belief in Allah is essential. Killing is bad but do kill if you have to and if you strongly believe it can save humanity and balance with nature because then you will save more people than otherwise will be destroyed!

Defensive warfare can be good but is not always the best. If you want to win in the name of Allah then you also have to be like an eagle finding your pray, you have to hit fast, hit hard, in the right moment and then nature will win!

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Will other religions survive your teachings or live in harmony with you Maitreya?

I am Maitreya answering questions in oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for all.

Yes and no. Some religions will probably be completely destroyed by me, others might survive longer, but all that is born will eventually die, also the religion in my name.

Yes. All religions have potential to live in harmony with my teachings. Some has to be reformed to survive and I can help their teachers. The false verses must be changed. Religions that struggle against oneness, pure love and truth will have a difficult time ahead.

For Hinduism: If you believe in many smaller Gods, like a strength-god, a money-god or a beauty-god then oneness, pure love and truth must still be your first God and first priority and then you follow me, Maitreya or Kalkin, and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Buddhism: If you follow Buddha today then I tell you that you must read quotes by the Buddha and do meditation in solitude and decide if I am the Maitreya or not. No matter if you believe I am the Maitreya or not I am sure you will help the balance with nature in your actions and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Judaism: If you call yourself a Jew but do not believe in God, then you are an atheist, not a Jew. If you are a Jew and follow God but do not believe in Jesus you must realize that Jesus was the first Messiah sent especially for you to teach you, but you did not like his truth. The truth was annoying for you even if he gave it to you with pure love. Still it was the truth. Jesus traveled far away and received God in his heart in the desert and found oneness, pure love and truth. Then he came back to tech you and we both have the same spirit. You who live now have no guilt of what a few of your ancestors and a few Romans did to him. If you follow oneness, pure love and truth this time then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For people following Jesus through Christianity or only Jesus himself: If you are a man or a woman of God and you believe that God created Universe and all living beings then you must protect natural balance so that the creation of God survives. If you feel God inside and follow Jesus then you are one with God and then you automatically follow me because we are the same in spirit. If you want to follow God as defined by Jesus and me then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Muslims following the Quran and Islam: I am the teacher Mahdi. God tells me that Mohamed, may he rest in peace, was born in a time of unbalance with nature and Mohamed asked God for help and he received it. The help from God helped his people to become as good as possible in the situation they were in. It was very difficult times and it was not easy to be good in order to survive and many people lost their lives. The verses was distorted by the people after him because they were human and even if God helped Mohamed and his followers the scarcity had destroyed too much nature. Because of these difficulties many messages from God to Mohamed are missing, also eaten by goats who could find nothing else to eat, and by false messages that has been added by greedy people in order to discredit him and to benefit themselves. I am here to help you correct the mistakes and restore the reputation of Mohamed.

Tree worshippers: If you believe that the spirits of your ancestors live inside of the trees, then you are already protecting nature and you already follow me and I wish you long life and prosperity.

For Atheism: If you have no faith in a God or spirits but still protect natural balance so that our nature is kept alive for our future generations then that is mindful and pure loving kindness. If you do that then you will automatically follow me and I wish you to live long and prosper.


I am banned from the FreeSangha Buddhist Forum for using my real name

I am banned from the FreeSangha Buddhist Forum. It was expected so I am not angry. 🙂 Obviously most are not ready for the truth.

I am using the name given to me by God in meditation and that was too much for the administrator Buddhist of the FreeSangha Buddhist Forum. 🙂 I hope he gets a higher state of mind,  develop an open sense of pure love and kindness.

The s.c. “teachers” of Buddhism do not teach Buddhism the way Gotama, the awakened one, taught it. How could they? The different forms of the same teaching is evidence enough of the opposite.

It is the same with Christianity and most Christians for whom I might be called Jesus or the Messiah and for most Muslims within Islam, for whom I might be called Madhi.

All religions have so many different texts and different fantasies all claiming to be the truth but evidently they are not. How could all of them be true? It is actually self-evident. They are not even looking for the truth. They cling on to false fantasy and circular evidence.

Richard Dawkins give us the truth about religion and yes I might bring the Cargo in a white coat with golden buttons too one day and teach them balance with nature. 🙂

The religious administrator of The FreeSangha – Buddhist Forum does not want to wake up, he loves to sleep in a false fantasy. I wanted to teach all Buddhists how to save this planet. But realize the reality does not hurt, it will actually set you free and save us all. 🙂 Be open for the truth!

Will I succeed? Will I save this planet? That is up to you. If yes, then you must find your pure heart and then learn from me and be active, very active. If you are religious and what I say makes you angry, then notice that your anger comes from resistance. So let go of your resistance to truth and you will soon see the truth in a clear bright light. Now meditate in solitude!

Pure love to you all.