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What Shall the Responsible Intellectual Do?

The question by George Steiner to Noam Chomsky is so funny it makes me laugh because the answer is so obvious that any intellectual should be able to see it.

Tha answer, obviously is that you will have to stop intellectualize it and act, not only as an individual but collectively, in a political movement that aims to actually solve the underlying problem.

In Palestine and Israel the problem is obviously both religions. One religious side is expanding for religious reasons, the other side has religious reasons to eradicate the other. Who wins is irrelevant. The end of the conflict comes when one or the other is eradicated or when religion is eradicated and people become one with God and science and decide to have a balanced population that can sustain them all long-term.

Does it feel good with religion resulting in children having their limbs ripped off or does God tell you to follow love and kindness? Decide what and who you wish to follow in meditation or pray to God for the answer! If you pray with intense integrity God will answer you.

God is oneness, pure love and truth.