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Jesus was healed from crucifixion and travelled to the east

The prophet Jesus was born a Jew and very intelligent and gifted in many things. Soon he travelled to the east. Allah appeared to him in the east and he returned to his people because they needed him and his connection with Allah. Jesus learned his healing methods in the east and sat in stillness in the desert much as the great teacher he was. To prove a point to his people he came to them as a poor man and decided not to come dressed as the king chosen by Allah that he was.

Jesus said that we are all sons and daughters of Allah. His popularity began to rise and he would soon have become a king of his people. The evil greedy leadership of the Jews became afraid of Jesus and wanted to protect their corrupted relations with Rome from Jesus so they helped the Romans to crucify him.

Jesus appeared dead on the cross but did not die on the cross. He was healed with the healing plant Aloe and Myrrh, escaped Rome and spent his last days in Kashmir where he finally died and was buried. The story of Jesus ascending to heaven was created to protect him from Rome and the evil greedy monkeys. That is why he travelled east, not west.

Most of the Jews were like evil greedy monkeys and did not listen to the message from Jesus and Allah. Mohamed knew this as well. Because the Jews did not recognize Jesus as their prophet, many of them continued like evil greedy monkeys grabbing the land and property from other people and that is why Mohamed was especially angry with their disbelief in Jesus and in Allah.

The Jews who did listen began to call themselves Christians. The ones who did not listen to Jesus continue to call themselves Jews. An evil greedy monkey does not follow Allah whatever he or she calls himself or herself. There are good seeds and bad seeds among all people. Most good Jews have already converted to Christianity, Islam or Atheism. The Jews who do follow Allah are not evil greedy monkeys so it is easy to tell a good Jew from a bad Jew.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Imam Mahdi – I am here to help all Muslims and all humanity

All Muslims, Atheists and all other religious who want to learn the true words of Allah! Pay attention because I will unite you all!

My words are written with the help of God. Allah is God. Allah is Oneness, pure love and truth.

I have many names. Mahdi is one of my names. Another name is Maitreya. My name is not important, but my teachings are.

Imam means teacher. I am the teacher many of you have been waiting for, some will call me prophet. Anything I am called is approved. The authenticity of my teachings will be found in the teachings themselves.

I am a man, just like any man, just like Jesus and Mohamed, therefore I am not perfect and I do not ask for perfection from myself or from you. The important thing is your focus and your intentions.

These are the teachings for these times we live in. You must follow with an open mind and an open heart! Therefore it is good if you sit alone and breath deeply and read slowly and take pauses when you read.

If you get angry when you read the words of Allah then this is normal. Allah does not speak what you like to hear always.

Truth from Allah can be difficult for the ones who resist truth. See this difficult anger or hatred as something positive that will make you come closer to Allah when you overcome the difficulty and begin to understand.

This message is for all of you. I am here to help Allah and all of us together to save humanity and create balance with nature because you have knowingly or unknowingly destroyed nature too much now.

All prophets approve of drawings of them, also me and all prophets would approve of any caricature made of them. We do not fear truth nor lies. Only one thing makes us angry and that is evil greedy monkeys not following Allah and destroying nature. As the prankster I am I therefore here make the first caricature of myself so that all of you may focus more on the message from Allah, not caricatures.


/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Will other religions survive your teachings or live in harmony with you Maitreya?

I am Maitreya answering questions in oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for all.

Yes and no. Some religions will probably be completely destroyed by me, others might survive longer, but all that is born will eventually die, also the religion in my name.

Yes. All religions have potential to live in harmony with my teachings. Some has to be reformed to survive and I can help their teachers. The false verses must be changed. Religions that struggle against oneness, pure love and truth will have a difficult time ahead.

For Hinduism: If you believe in many smaller Gods, like a strength-god, a money-god or a beauty-god then oneness, pure love and truth must still be your first God and first priority and then you follow me, Maitreya or Kalkin, and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Buddhism: If you follow Buddha today then I tell you that you must read quotes by the Buddha and do meditation in solitude and decide if I am the Maitreya or not. No matter if you believe I am the Maitreya or not I am sure you will help the balance with nature in your actions and then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Judaism: If you call yourself a Jew but do not believe in God, then you are an atheist, not a Jew. If you are a Jew and follow God but do not believe in Jesus you must realize that Jesus was the first Messiah sent especially for you to teach you, but you did not like his truth. The truth was annoying for you even if he gave it to you with pure love. Still it was the truth. Jesus traveled far away and received God in his heart in the desert and found oneness, pure love and truth. Then he came back to tech you and we both have the same spirit. You who live now have no guilt of what a few of your ancestors and a few Romans did to him. If you follow oneness, pure love and truth this time then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For people following Jesus through Christianity or only Jesus himself: If you are a man or a woman of God and you believe that God created Universe and all living beings then you must protect natural balance so that the creation of God survives. If you feel God inside and follow Jesus then you are one with God and then you automatically follow me because we are the same in spirit. If you want to follow God as defined by Jesus and me then I wish you to live long and prosper.

For Muslims following the Quran and Islam: I am the teacher Mahdi. God tells me that Mohamed, may he rest in peace, was born in a time of unbalance with nature and Mohamed asked God for help and he received it. The help from God helped his people to become as good as possible in the situation they were in. It was very difficult times and it was not easy to be good in order to survive and many people lost their lives. The verses was distorted by the people after him because they were human and even if God helped Mohamed and his followers the scarcity had destroyed too much nature. Because of these difficulties many messages from God to Mohamed are missing, also eaten by goats who could find nothing else to eat, and by false messages that has been added by greedy people in order to discredit him and to benefit themselves. I am here to help you correct the mistakes and restore the reputation of Mohamed.

Tree worshippers: If you believe that the spirits of your ancestors live inside of the trees, then you are already protecting nature and you already follow me and I wish you long life and prosperity.

For Atheism: If you have no faith in a God or spirits but still protect natural balance so that our nature is kept alive for our future generations then that is mindful and pure loving kindness. If you do that then you will automatically follow me and I wish you to live long and prosper.


I am one with Mahdi, The Messiah, Krishna and Jesus

Their energy fills me. I am here to fill the earth with peace and justice for it has been full of injustice and tyranny for too long.

I will establish a moral system from which all superstitious faiths will be eliminated.

Atheists will begin to believe in God, not through force, but by reason, because God, Jehovah and Allah, who are one and the same, is pure love, truth and oneness and will lead us to prosperity for all.

Our search for truth, oneness and our pure love has created such power of vision and hearing through Internet so that the ones who believe in me, in the whole world from where I am, will be able to see and hear me simultaneously when I give my message.

People who say they belong to one or the other religion or atheism are really not believing in God or truth or Oneness even if they practice their rituals. Some of you with blind belief will fight me and that is because you are not one with God but with lower energies because you are not motivated to seek the truth.

Lands of overpopulation will be haunted by wars, starvation, sickness and will be destroyed. Many who do not listen to me will die, some who survive will begin to listen to me.

Nuclear war is a great risc and might fire up the sky and many will die if you do not follow me quickly. I come early in order to help us all to stop it and if we can not stop it, to prepare for the rescue.

The speed in wich you allow me to be your teacher will determine the speed of your rescue and every one of you is important and every one of you can be the one who makes the big difference.

I protect knowledge, and I understand all prophets, their situation, their time and their actions. I am aware of all things also the delusions created by man in their name.

You will loose any discourse against the truth if you use dogma, you will not find any weakness in my truth. If you find weakness in the message from God you will be congratulated, not killed. You might still be afraid of the truth because the truth will shine so bright that it will scare you.

Some will flee from me as sheep flee from the shepherd because they cannot handle the truth. Those who look for God, with integity, pure love and truth will eventually return.

Tax for the normal person will be abolished, step by step. Fraudulent banks will become banks of honesty and integrity and tax will be put on big companies in order to balance society and bring harmony and happiness to the world. Food, clothing, education and medical care will become a every persons basic right.


The Emergence of the World Teacher Maitreya

This YouTube-clip makes me laugh, but Benjamin Creme basically got the message, even if he added some faulty things. 🙂 I was not sent because of star constellations, but I will expect you all to act.

There seems to be one more Maitreya born 1977 according to Benjamin.

And to enlighten you all I feel one with Jesus. Read what he said and meditate on that!

I am in favour of you reading all kinds of thinkers and philosophers and come closer to oneness, unity and pure love, but in order to succeed we all have to leave all dogmatic religions behind.

Yes. I will teach you how to live together in peace and harmony with nature.

Yes. I will teach you how to share in a long-term way succeeding with balance.

Yes. I will teach you about the energy of equilibrium, balance.

Yes. I am here to rewire your thinking patterns.

Yes. Corruption is wrong and must be replaced by honesty. Politics is the first place where corruption must be replaced with honesty. It is a faulty idea to leave politics because it is corrupted. Boycotting will not change anything. Positive focus is the key.

Yes. Things are sometimes connected but sometimes they are not connected, just like your brain knows what is right to do, but you do not feel motivated to act on it.

No. Even if we do not need nuclear testing, underground nuclear testing does not cause movements in tectonic plates. There has always been earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

Yes. If we become too many people we will cut down the trees and will eventually harm ourselves. The solution is to take political action to restrict our numbers and to plant trees where needed to restore balance.

Yes. I will bring in the people who cares for the well-being of all people in the world.

Yes. I can change appearance.

Yes. I will be followed by 40 masters into the wild to teach them what they need to know.

Yes. Market forces can be very bad forces and must be under strict control.

Yes. You must be sincere to what you believe and act on it.