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Asanga believes he can see Maitreya in a dog – A story of pure love

Maitreya appears to Asanga

Maitreya enjoys the story of the hallucinatory man and the pure loving kindness from the people towards him. Thankfulness. When such pure love is balanced with logical thought and honesty the healing of humanity will start.

All that we believe is true is not true. Be a sceptic!


Is it lonely to be Maitreya? – No. Especially finding Julien Matei is a moment of togetherness

When I stumble upon a true philosopher like Julien Matei then I Maitreya both laugh and shed a tear of happiness at the same time.


“Cause if the receptivity is not there, “caring” leaves one totally drained…

He he he. Attitude must be heal the ones who want to be healed. 😉

“Stop discarding the seriousness of Life, relegating it to some kind of inane kindergarten affair!”

Only a child, or a child like mind, wanting to know the truth, can learn and understand how serious it is. It makes it all the Children’s affair.

“The funny thing about humans is not that they hide their ugliness, guilt and darkness, but that they are terribly ashamed of and therefore conceal their beauty, innocence and light…”

That is only because they cannot see it. How could they see it when they were taught to live in mental darkness? We must all find their light that can exist in every moment and tell them about it!

“The clearer and wiser you are, the bigger the likelihood they´ll turn you into a mirror of their stupidity and insanity.”

How would “they” do that and who is “they”?


Questions by Maitreya to the so called “Sentient beings”

Tireless generosity the so called Maitreya want at the Shambala blog, apparently. Even your login he wants. I wonder why, when spam can be so easily repelled by

Furthermore, I Maitreya ask the so called “Sentient beings”:

1. Why is a “Sentient being” brought to maturation through giving all, giving equally, and giving tirelessly?

2. How does a “Sentient being” know what will be the result of giving, how does he know it will result in equality?

3. Why completely fulfil a persons wishes if they are not based on virtue?

4. How does wishes without virtue create lasting happiness?

5. With what can you be generous to the ones in real need if you give everything away equally?

6. Does the robe make the monk?

7. Should we beware of who is not a “Sentient being” and who is?

Good intention, good thinking, will result in good actions and the energy of such will be more likely to have a good result in the long run.

Do not give all! – Reflect, feel, try and give little at a time!
Do not give equally! – Give with the heart, give with your brain and give long-term!
Do not give tirelessly! – Be tired of Sentient bullshit sometimes! Stop giving!

Best regards

Maitreya meets another Maitreya from Teheran

It is very interesting indeed to read about another Maitreya. This Maitreya is from Teheran and here he describes how he became Maitreya.

I find it very funny when it begins with numerology. Ha ha ha. 🙂
He really believes he is Maitreya.

Even more funny is when he reads all kinds of religious scriptures and geometrically tries to make sense of it. It really makes me smile.

/The Real Maitreya

Maitreya tries vegan and meat but what does God say?

I tried to be vegan, and my shit started to smell lovely, then I went back to a nice chicken stew with curry one day to see the difference and I woke up with stinking mouth and stinking shit.

Life is a challenge for us all. We must all make our choices. A cheetah must eat meat, a gazelle must eat vegetation and a wild bore can eat both.

Who are we to judge anyone of them? It is nature. We ourselves must try and feel and do what feels natural for us.


PS. Oh yes, by the way, I often eat in Happy cow restaurants. It makes me happy inside. 🙂

When I finally woke up to realize I am Maitreya – The world saviour is me and you

I was doing a lot of meditation alone in the sand on a coastal strip in a country far away from my birth-place and suddenly after ten days I experienced talking to God.

When I later came across the concept of Maitreya I somehow already knew in my emotions that I was “The Real Maitreya”. I then under a longer time challenged myself and doubted for a long time that I really am Maitreya. I still had the courage to play with the thought in my mind in meditation of being “The Real Maitreya” but real doubt was there. Could I actually do it? The question is of course not if I can do it but if we all can do it together. It is up to everyone of us to wake up and do what we have to do.

Through much meditation I finally reached the day when I decided to admit publicly that I am Maitreya and take the responsibility for being Maitreya and do what I was called by God to do. This time God is giving us a really good chance to avoid disaster, because today we have science and instead of failure we can help future generations to create a nature in balance.

If we fail, I was not the real Maitreya, If we succeed I was. So, please help me to be the Real Maitreya and let us save this world together!

Best regards


Maitreya asks God – Did Mohamed really marry a six-year old?

I am Maitreya. This is my message to all humanity. Pure love and oneness for all. My messages come from God and he is oneness, pure love and truth leading us all and future generations to prosperity.

It took me long meditation to find the answer because the truth was very disturbing and even if I did want to find the truth, as it is, it was very difficult and it took time to find the pure love and oneness releasing the truth. Finally God came through with  white bright light. Here it is his answer.

Yes. God tells me Mohamed did marry a six-year old. This was a long time ago and this was his culture, today considered bad by many, the same culture sometimes found in Hinduism or hidden in secrecy by others. After tree years the little girl wanted to consume the marriage and together they did so. So this was not rape as many of Mohamed’s enemies today want to believe. No. She was willing and happy before, during and after. The little girl loved Mohamed and she was very developed in body and mind for her age. Today the age of consent is according to the law in all civilized countries but at this time there was no such civilized law and this was not only consent from her. This was God giving consent and Mohamed giving his consent submitting to the will of God and this is the way of Maitreya and God. Follow the law, pure love, ask God if it is right, then make each other happy and laugh! 🙂 If love is pure then age does not matter. What matters is that you do what is according to the law where you live and that you also follow God.