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Problem solved – What is a holy location? Where do we find the holiest temple?

A holy location is a place given extra importance for the religious, like the Temple Mount, Mecca or Bodh Gaya. When different religions chose the same locations for worship this usually leads to a conflict. The leaders of religion sometimes use holy locations to make money and the political leaders use conflicts to make money, stay in power and make the people submissive to their leadership.

In holy locations sometimes you find things that lures you to believe the location is special. When pictures of gods or humans are not allowed then other items can be used to lure you of its holiness.

The problem is easy to solve. Your body is your holiest temple and the holiest item in your temple is your mind. Therefore I order all religious to stop worshipping places and items and begin to worship God together. God is oneness, pure love and truth.

Hereby I order all holy places and items located in them to belong to everyone!
Hereby I decide that all who find God inside of them can speak in all holy places they like sharing time in harmony with other speakers!
Hereby I order all who wish to travel to a holy place to walk or hitch-hike there and to take a challenging path and to let the trip be as holy as possible and talk to many people on the way and also to walk or hitch-hike back again!