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Will Maitreya show tolerance and respect for other religions?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

You may tolerate much as a follower of me and you must accept small mistakes from others and forgive, but do not tolerate or respect anyone who wants to destroy tolerance itself or wants to destroy you or wants to destroy balance with nature! Such stupid tolerance is not tolerance at all but creates less tolerance. Destroy such intolerance before it destroys us all and before it destroys nature for the future generations!

You must understand that tolerance and respect is not tolerating mass-industrialization destroying nature. Tolerance does not lead to mass-immigration destroying your own culture and society. Tolerance is not creating intolerance or over-population. Tolerance is not silently allowing the destruction of nature and thereby being responsible for creating deserts. Such stupid tolerance will destroy the very foundation of peace, harmony and will destroy life itself for you and for your children and for coming generations. Such tolerance is not tolerance at all but plain stupidity and indirect suicide for any civilization.

Tolerance is the assimilation and integration by tolerant individuals of other tolerant individuals in their life and it must happen in balance with nature and on a personal level in pure love for each other and a willingness to share a common life in oneness, not in separation.

Migration of people who do not tolerate you and your culture and do not want to integrate is an act of war and they must be removed or tolerance is not possible because tolerance and respect must go both ways.

Migration from over-populated areas to other highly populated areas where nature is threatened by humans is not acceptable and will destroy nature in both locations simultaneously and that is plain stupidity. This is not tolerance or respect for nature.

Help to over-populated areas must be self-help with education and means to down-grow, not feeding the problem, not exporting or importing the problem.

The most essential is balance with nature, healthy trees, rich soil, clean water, natural plants and healthy animals living in a natural harmony. All have equal right of existence.

To follow me is to balance the number of people with nature and that all humans respect nature and does not try to manipulate nature with chemicals or other manipulation and to follow me is not to over-populate in the name of any religion or ideology.

To follow me means that all humans have resources and consume in balance and care for at least seven generations to come.

Any other religion or ideology that teaches differently is either stupid or evil and must be changed, abandoned or restricted. When such stupid or evil people does not follow me then they and their religion must sometimes even be destroyed to protect our nature depending on severity.

Stupidity and foulness must be destroyed or it will destroy our civilization. Not following me will lead to extreme foulness such as starvation, wars and cannibalism.

Such stupidity or foulness, must be restricted and destroyed or it will not only destroy you, your children and nature, but will also destroy intelligence itself, cutting down the trees, flushing away good soil and turning all into desert and rocks leading to very hard conditions for all.

If we want the most peaceful culture to survive, then the most peaceful loving and kind humans with ability for true respect and true tolerance must realize that we must not tolerate the most violent non-caring ego-centric cultures, but enlighten them, restrict them or if necessary destroy them.

Over-population by humans is just as stupid as over-population of goats eating everything eatable in their way turning all into desert and rocks. When you follow me you are on the right path.

This is the truth in oneness and pure love for humankind, for nature and for the survival of all that we need to survive, all that we need to enjoy and all that we need to prosper so that we all can smile together. 🙂