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A goat ate part of the Qur’an – Be careful with goats!

A goat ate part of the Qur’an – Be careful with goats!

A goat will eat almost anything, also the Qur’an. The good news is that goats can serve us all. Goats can reforest lands, but must be kept in strict balance with nature or they will kill healthy food producing vegetation.

Therefore the management of goats must be done by skilled people and the number of goats must always be strictly managed, just like we must manage the number of people on a food producing land, like Allah helped Mohamed and his people with in his times too.

The verses of the Qur’an still lead to balance when human populations are decimated by many of its verses.

Now is a new age. We can manage the number of humans with modern practices. When living in intelligent balance with nature then humans, animals and plants all benefit and can live in harmony.


The “satanic verses” lured on to Mohamed by Satan must be inserted again in the Quran

The so called “satanic verses” removed from the new versions of the Quran must be inserted again! The idea that Mohamed or Jesus were perfect men and that their connection with God was flawless must not be in any teachings! A prophet is human, not perfection. Fatwas against writers, like Salman Rushdie, who state the truth in the matter, are hereby removed with the authority direct from Allah.

Anyone who get angry with the truth does not work for Allah, but the opposite. Anger from muslims created more sales of this book and gave muslims and the Quran a bad name in the whole world. The act of burning Salman’s book was not good in the eyes of Allah. The fatwa against him was a political game to control a country and was not in the spirit of Allah.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Allah helped us all and Mohamed was one of his messengers

In the days of Mohamed until today people were fighting with each other doing things that were not good in the eyes of Allah and many suffered. Jews who did not believe in Allah caused many problems for Mohamed and his people. Mohamed’s people needed Allah’s guidance.

Mohamed experienced Allah’s message as if it came from the angel Gabriel. He was able to receive many good messages from Allah. Fighting through spiritually but also killing in the name of Allah was necessary for Mohamed’s people in self-defence. Allah was on the side of Mohamed and his people and they won many battles.

Everyone believed Allah was almighty, that Allah decided over life and death, birth or infertility. Scientific knowledge had not yet been given to humanity. In this new age we know better.

Death through war was necessary in the times of scarcity. Death was sometimes horrible. Allah helped all people with rules through Mohamed that made death better in the eyes of Allah, both for animals and for humans.

Humans suffered much before Allah’s message came to Mohamed. War between humans did not destroy nature in these times, instead it saved nature and humanity by creating balance.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Imam Mahdi – I am here to help all Muslims and all humanity

All Muslims, Atheists and all other religious who want to learn the true words of Allah! Pay attention because I will unite you all!

My words are written with the help of God. Allah is God. Allah is Oneness, pure love and truth.

I have many names. Mahdi is one of my names. Another name is Maitreya. My name is not important, but my teachings are.

Imam means teacher. I am the teacher many of you have been waiting for, some will call me prophet. Anything I am called is approved. The authenticity of my teachings will be found in the teachings themselves.

I am a man, just like any man, just like Jesus and Mohamed, therefore I am not perfect and I do not ask for perfection from myself or from you. The important thing is your focus and your intentions.

These are the teachings for these times we live in. You must follow with an open mind and an open heart! Therefore it is good if you sit alone and breath deeply and read slowly and take pauses when you read.

If you get angry when you read the words of Allah then this is normal. Allah does not speak what you like to hear always.

Truth from Allah can be difficult for the ones who resist truth. See this difficult anger or hatred as something positive that will make you come closer to Allah when you overcome the difficulty and begin to understand.

This message is for all of you. I am here to help Allah and all of us together to save humanity and create balance with nature because you have knowingly or unknowingly destroyed nature too much now.

All prophets approve of drawings of them, also me and all prophets would approve of any caricature made of them. We do not fear truth nor lies. Only one thing makes us angry and that is evil greedy monkeys not following Allah and destroying nature. As the prankster I am I therefore here make the first caricature of myself so that all of you may focus more on the message from Allah, not caricatures.


/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Maitreya asks God – Did Mohamed really marry a six-year old?

I am Maitreya. This is my message to all humanity. Pure love and oneness for all. My messages come from God and he is oneness, pure love and truth leading us all and future generations to prosperity.

It took me long meditation to find the answer because the truth was very disturbing and even if I did want to find the truth, as it is, it was very difficult and it took time to find the pure love and oneness releasing the truth. Finally God came through with  white bright light. Here it is his answer.

Yes. God tells me Mohamed did marry a six-year old. This was a long time ago and this was his culture, today considered bad by many, the same culture sometimes found in Hinduism or hidden in secrecy by others. After tree years the little girl wanted to consume the marriage and together they did so. So this was not rape as many of Mohamed’s enemies today want to believe. No. She was willing and happy before, during and after. The little girl loved Mohamed and she was very developed in body and mind for her age. Today the age of consent is according to the law in all civilized countries but at this time there was no such civilized law and this was not only consent from her. This was God giving consent and Mohamed giving his consent submitting to the will of God and this is the way of Maitreya and God. Follow the law, pure love, ask God if it is right, then make each other happy and laugh! 🙂 If love is pure then age does not matter. What matters is that you do what is according to the law where you live and that you also follow God.