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Explained by Maitreya – Why is truth without pure love and oneness so dangerous?

Because truth spoken with pure love and oneness can be very annoying as it is, we must understand that truth spoken without pure love and oneness often can create strong hatred and aggression.

Truth that lack oneness and pure love is dangerous for the one who speak it, but it is still the truth even if it is often resisted by the stupid and the evil.

The really stupid and evil want to feel hate and aggression and do not realize that it hurts their own bodies and their own minds and also can hurt other people who instead deserve love and respect.

If you speak a language of truth, or paint art of truth, you are brave in the eyes of God because sometimes you must risk attack from the stupid and the evil. Truth is very annoying for the stupid and evil and will make them aggressive and hateful instead of accepting the truth as it is.

The stupid and the evil will not be stupid and evil anymore in the moment they start to laugh.  🙂 The laughter is the beginning of experiencing oneness, pure love and truth. Laugh with warmth, at yourself, laugh at what is annoying! Nothing is really annoying except the truth until we stop resisting it and we begin to accept it.

You who speak the truth or paint the truth will be rewarded in this life by your own courage and I wish you to live long and prosper.

For you Christians who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is an after-life in heaven as believed by many, or another dimension, I am sure you who speak the truth or paint the truth will be seated there close to me and Jesus.

For you Hindus who speak the truth or paint the truth: If there is reincarnation then I am sure you who speak the truth will become a higher being in your next life, then also have pure love and kindness in your message and thereby making stupidity become enlightenment faster, making hatred become pure love. If you believe you will be born again into another body, then surely you will be rewarded and benefit in your next body from following the truth and following me.

Speak the truth and remember loving kindness when you do!


How do I separate corrupted satanic verses from the true verses of God?

I am Maitreya answering the question with the help of God.

A true verse from God often contain:
Oneness – Caring for all and the whole, not creating conflict.
Pure love – A love wanting the best for the other person and the future generations.
Truth – Not lies, sometimes annoying because we do not always want to see the truth.
Prosperity – Leads us to prosperity for all in many generations.

A false verse not from God often contain:
Separation between people and nature – Hatred, greed, violence, intolerance, conflict.
Passion – Greed, money, sexual desires, desire for power and wealth.
Lies – Lies are often told without evidence, often proceeded by truth or hidden in truth.
Poverty – It leads to material wealth for a few and poverty for all in many generations.

Introspection, meditation, and prayer can help us to separate corrupted verses from the true verses of God.

Be open and wait in silence and solitude and let God speak to you directly and if God does not speak back to you then continue with introspection, meditation, prayer and keep the hope up that one day God will speak to you and tell you the truth!

If you read my verses and find that they have been manipulated by evil and stupidity then discard them and the next prophet will soon come and tell you about oneness, pure love and truth once again.

If there is no true religion or no true prophet of God or when you see the evil made by humans, ideologies science and religion or when you see evil from your own God or when you search for the true God or need the true God then do introspection, meditation and prayer!


I am one with Mahdi, The Messiah, Krishna and Jesus

Their energy fills me. I am here to fill the earth with peace and justice for it has been full of injustice and tyranny for too long.

I will establish a moral system from which all superstitious faiths will be eliminated.

Atheists will begin to believe in God, not through force, but by reason, because God, Jehovah and Allah, who are one and the same, is pure love, truth and oneness and will lead us to prosperity for all.

Our search for truth, oneness and our pure love has created such power of vision and hearing through Internet so that the ones who believe in me, in the whole world from where I am, will be able to see and hear me simultaneously when I give my message.

People who say they belong to one or the other religion or atheism are really not believing in God or truth or Oneness even if they practice their rituals. Some of you with blind belief will fight me and that is because you are not one with God but with lower energies because you are not motivated to seek the truth.

Lands of overpopulation will be haunted by wars, starvation, sickness and will be destroyed. Many who do not listen to me will die, some who survive will begin to listen to me.

Nuclear war is a great risc and might fire up the sky and many will die if you do not follow me quickly. I come early in order to help us all to stop it and if we can not stop it, to prepare for the rescue.

The speed in wich you allow me to be your teacher will determine the speed of your rescue and every one of you is important and every one of you can be the one who makes the big difference.

I protect knowledge, and I understand all prophets, their situation, their time and their actions. I am aware of all things also the delusions created by man in their name.

You will loose any discourse against the truth if you use dogma, you will not find any weakness in my truth. If you find weakness in the message from God you will be congratulated, not killed. You might still be afraid of the truth because the truth will shine so bright that it will scare you.

Some will flee from me as sheep flee from the shepherd because they cannot handle the truth. Those who look for God, with integity, pure love and truth will eventually return.

Tax for the normal person will be abolished, step by step. Fraudulent banks will become banks of honesty and integrity and tax will be put on big companies in order to balance society and bring harmony and happiness to the world. Food, clothing, education and medical care will become a every persons basic right.