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When will the next prophet after Maitreya arrive?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

I am Maitreya the last prophet and the next prophet,  will come when humanity needs the next prophet to come.

If the next prophet is needed but has not yet arrived then follow your inner higher voice of God in contemplation, meditation, introspection and prayer and pray for the new prophet’s arrival! Erect statues for his arrival! Call for the new prophet’s arrival in all ways you can and the next prophet will soon come!

If he is not yet needed, then do not call for him!

When the next prophet comes then open your mind and investigate what he says! If the new prophet’s message is pure love and kindness, without self-greed, leading to prosperity for all then follow this prophet!



What is God? Does other prophets (except Maitreya) speak the word of God?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

First understand that a God is something or someone you worship. It is what you spend time with. It is what you obey, it is what controls you. That is true also for an atheist who understand that money sometimes can control an evil person. Such gods speaking to our greed or our vain, followed by the spiritually blind, lead to misery in the long run.

The God speaking directly to me is oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for all. I want you to experience oneness, pure love and truth leading you to prosperity. I want you to become relaxed, whole and happy. I wants you to laugh and enjoy life in a real way. 🙂

To follow me is the way of God, the God of oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for you and for all.

All prophets who spoke in harmony with me are prophets of God. All verses from prophets in harmony with me, not distorted by the greedy, are one with God.

Follow these words if they lead to oneness, pure love, truth and prosperity for all! Make them real in your life because then you follow God and me!