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The first real questioning of Maitreya makes Maitreya very happy

The first questioning of high quality of The Real Maitreya by Richard W. Posner:

Forgive me Maitreya Buddha but I must respectfully disagree. The world needs to get more “primitive“. We must deindustrialise and uncivilise.

Please understand that I only offer my opinions and conclusions. I lay no claim to absolute truth or certainty.

As a species we stopped evolving at least ten thousand years ago. We must go back before we can go forward.

The main thing we can learn from “civilisations” that have failed is that “civilisation“, as we think of it, (industry, technology and too many people) is unsustainable in a finite system like Earth. ” Civilisation” is inherently expansionistic. Growth is intrinsic to it. In that respect it is not unlike cancer.

I must tell you in all honesty that anyone claiming to be THE teacher makes me a bit nervous. You may be A teacher, but, in my opinion, there are no better teachers than Nature and experience. I have taught myself for many years and being an autodidact has worked to my satisfaction.

We are and have already gotten too “clever” by half. It is our “cleverness” that has brought us to the brink of extinction.

I may or may not be a part of your “mission“. If I am, it is purely by chance and not design. I have no mission other than to live and try to attain understanding.

While it appears our “philosophies” intersect at some points, it’s also clear that they are significantly divergent at others. So be it. We can simply agree to disagree. It is incumbent upon neither of us to “convert” the other.

May you find Peace and Contentment on whatever path you choose to follow.

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum

Ha ha ha. 🙂 You are forgiven and do not have to forgive yourself for being a sceptic. I am a skeptic too.

I AM The Real Teacher. First understand I doubted that for a long time before I accepted that. I tried to get away from the fact, but Allah would not let me go. Allah insisted I must save the planet. A bird pooed on my head the very moment I realize I am the new Buddha, ha ha ha. It felt like a “good luck” from nature. I will forever remember that moment.

Do not agree unless you know something is the truth, not even with your own ideas if you prove yourself wrong!

First be honest with yourself! You seem to have a frozen belief that the world needs to get more “primitive“. I must point out that what you actually want, more primitive living, will actually be the result of too much of absurd exponential growth. It will eventually result in rapid down-growth, just like any species overpopulating in nature.

Second. Begin investigation with no opinion at all! Meditate and empty your senses and say to yourself, maybe I am wrong. That is OK. Let it go! Much that we believe must be wrong. We are all human.

Third. After investigation form opinions and conclusions! I can see you are intelligent enough to lay no claim to absolute truth or certainty. That is a great ting about you, because we must always be open and look at new facts to find the truth because Allah is truth, pure love and Oneness and Allah is the greatest removing foulness, false belief, leading us all to prosperity and eventually to eternal life.

As a species we never stopped evolving. I am part of the latest leap forward, maybe you are as well. I am the living proof that we must NOT go back before we go forward. I am genetically advanced. I can feel peoples real needs to get healthy. I can feel their challenges in life. Students are baffled with my ability to recall knowledge that I learned decades ago. I can see in almost absolute darkness. I have very high physical strength. My mental ability is higher. My feeling of Oneness and pure love is very very strong. I have extreme grit.

What we can learn from older civilizations that failed is that we do not have to fail at all. We, thanks to archaeology, can learn from past mistakes and make intelligent decisions and develop an industry, a technology and a balanced number of people that is sustainable in our finite system, Earth. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth if we do it in time.

Yes. ”Civilization” (nice if it was more “civilized”) so far has been like a growing baby that has now out-grown its crib, it has been religiously and economically expansionary. As we know, there are beliefs that are not expansionary and that there are people who talk about economy in the original sense of the word, which is the correct way. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth.

So. You are nervous. Ha ha ha. 🙂 Honestly do you not think I became a bit nervous, at first, when Allah suddenly spoke to me and told me I am The Real Teacher? Following my teachings is easy compared to actually be The Teacher. I can promise you that, my friend. Just look what the evil greedy monkeys did to Jesus who was a true follower of Allah when he spoke the truth in his words in his time! To be The Real Teacher, The Real Protector of this planet, you must handle extreme fear easily with relaxation and with a big smile.

It is true that nature and experience is sometimes great teachers, however, better is to listen to me and think in many steps, even if it is hard at first, and then act with me before nature teaches us all the lesson the hard way.

Because if we first walk the hard way, that is beginning the down-growth to balance with nature, then it will soon become easy for all of us. If we do it the other way, it will first seem easy and then, when we run out of resources, it will abruptly become very very hard, not only wars that are hard enough, but also cannibalism due to scarcity of food. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth.

Remain an autodidact! It is much better than blind belief.

We have all not gotten too “clever”, many have become too greedy, forgetting balance with nature. This is not clever. If we all become clever fast I will teach and all will listen, because the words of Allah is true. Allah is the greatest.

You will follow me and your mission will be with Allah if you decide to follow truth. This I can feel, because you are very clever. If you attain complete understanding you will follow Allah completely.

There is no real reason why our “philosophies” shall intersect at only some points because there is only one truth. Truth does not compromise. Truth is not lies. You do not need to “convert” actively to anything if you look for truth with intense integrity. Allah will convert you automatically.

May Allah be with you and speak to you when you feel motivated to listen!


Maitreya about Ahmadiyya and Bahá’í faith

I am the teacher. Understand that I am back in the world in a new body. I have arrived many times. Some religions have been the result like the Bahá’í Faith and Ahmadiyya. They have long been on the right path. Now is the time to learn more and to act.

May Allah be with you!
Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Beware of the fake Maitreya! Decide if Russel Brand is a fake Messiah!

The organization Illuminati suggests illumination, enlightenment. Judge for yourself what is the truth about this! Beware of that there is a problem with illumination if you are really stupid.

There are people wanting a “new age” with a new religion and a “new world order” where you potentially become the slave and they become the masters.

This is however not what Allah wants. Allah wants Oneness, Pure Love, Truth and Prosperity for all, not just for a few.

Judge for yourselves if Russel Brand is a new fake Messiah or a real one!

Signs of a fake Messiah:
– Big ego.
– Will be displayed in the evil greedy monkey’s media.
– Will encourage peaceful protest, avoiding real enlightened peoples takeover.
– Personal relations with the powerful and the rich.
Other signs of “Illuminati”

Real enlightenment comes from meditation and leads to less ego, courage and pure love, leading to a feeling of Oneness with all living beings where people, animals and plants are treated with respect.

Real enlightenment leads to real truth-seeking, real science, leading us all to real enlightenment, not fake capitalist science or fake capitalist spirituality. Real enlightenment will lead to balance with nature, equality, prosperity for us all and for future generations.

Pure love

Is Islam a religion of peace?

“Is Islam a religion of peace?” a question often debated and blaming Islam and Mohamed for war.

Here are my teachings. Do not judge too quickly!

Peace or war is not the result of religions, but you yourselves wanting something, either in greed or for the sake of Allah. If you listen to Allah inside of you will know that he decides everything if we let him. Therefore there is no such thing as a religion of peace or a religion of war. Even a religion of war would not make any wars if there was no blind followers. Even a religion of peace would not make peace happen if the followers were not peaceful and even a religion of balance with nature would not make balance with nature if the followers did not care for balance with nature.

When there is peace then pure love becomes easy. When there is pure love oneness becomes easy. You can not make oneness through constant war. When war comes you must fight on the side of balance with nature. Then you fight with and for Allah.

There are times for violence in the name of Allah. This must be understood. Sometimes Allah asks us to be violent, sometimes violence will be the only right path. However the goal must be peace, pure love, oneness and balance with nature, so that we and future generations all may live well and prosper, but not greed, not pride, not fear and we must be honest with ourselves and Allah always.

When property is used wisely for the benefit of balance with nature then this is good. Property taken from evil greedy monkeys is not theft. Property taken from followers of Allah is theft and must be punished.

Most of us can choose to listen to Allah inside of us and we can choose not to listen. There are voices there if we are open to hear them. These voices are sometimes from Allah and sometimes from fear or greed. You will know the difference if you listen with care.

There is no reason for fear or greed because everyone dies and we can not bring wealth to where we go after death. What ever you believe, you can not bring wealth or property to heaven or to hell and you can not bring it to your own reincarnation. However you can bring balance to nature for the benefit of the generations to come and shine brightly in the eyes of Allah while you live.

A follower of Allah who follows Allah with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart is a true follower of Allah. Therefore a person who says he or she is follower of Allah is not always a follower of Allah and a non-believer is not always a non-believer in the eyes of Allah. All who listens to Allah that is oneness, pure love and truth, in the right way, can tell the difference.

War spoken in the name of Allah is not always a war in the name of Allah but can be a money-war created by people acting like evil greedy monkeys using the blind faith of others. We all know that one day we die and then worldly possessions are useless. Therefore these evil greedy people, whatever they call themselves, are not with Allah and it disturbs them because they are like evil greedy monkeys in vain and they know it.

If you, with open eyes, listen to Allah inside o yourself and if you do carefully study and follow the trail of money into the pockets of the evil greedy monkeys then you will know if you fight a war for Allah or not. A war in the name of Allah is helping balance with nature and coming generations and kills the evil greedy monkeys.

To struggle and fight for natural balance can be done in a peaceful way and a violent way and if you are successful in a peaceful way this is of course much more sweet in the eyes of Allah than killing. What you chose should be decided with care, choosing the most effective strategy and method.

Fight enemies of the balance with nature wherever you find them and fight with cunning and make sure you win. Always ask Allah for help when in disbelief! Allah knows the way of both the the peaceful warrior and the violent warrior.

Fight a holy battle of oneness with nature wherever you find disbelievers, and turn to them again and again in pure love when they turn away from you! Having belief in Allah is essential. Killing is bad but do kill if you have to and if you strongly believe it can save humanity and balance with nature because then you will save more people than otherwise will be destroyed!

Defensive warfare can be good but is not always the best. If you want to win in the name of Allah then you also have to be like an eagle finding your pray, you have to hit fast, hit hard, in the right moment and then nature will win!

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

Will Maitreya show tolerance and respect for other religions?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

You may tolerate much as a follower of me and you must accept small mistakes from others and forgive, but do not tolerate or respect anyone who wants to destroy tolerance itself or wants to destroy you or wants to destroy balance with nature! Such stupid tolerance is not tolerance at all but creates less tolerance. Destroy such intolerance before it destroys us all and before it destroys nature for the future generations!

You must understand that tolerance and respect is not tolerating mass-industrialization destroying nature. Tolerance does not lead to mass-immigration destroying your own culture and society. Tolerance is not creating intolerance or over-population. Tolerance is not silently allowing the destruction of nature and thereby being responsible for creating deserts. Such stupid tolerance will destroy the very foundation of peace, harmony and will destroy life itself for you and for your children and for coming generations. Such tolerance is not tolerance at all but plain stupidity and indirect suicide for any civilization.

Tolerance is the assimilation and integration by tolerant individuals of other tolerant individuals in their life and it must happen in balance with nature and on a personal level in pure love for each other and a willingness to share a common life in oneness, not in separation.

Migration of people who do not tolerate you and your culture and do not want to integrate is an act of war and they must be removed or tolerance is not possible because tolerance and respect must go both ways.

Migration from over-populated areas to other highly populated areas where nature is threatened by humans is not acceptable and will destroy nature in both locations simultaneously and that is plain stupidity. This is not tolerance or respect for nature.

Help to over-populated areas must be self-help with education and means to down-grow, not feeding the problem, not exporting or importing the problem.

The most essential is balance with nature, healthy trees, rich soil, clean water, natural plants and healthy animals living in a natural harmony. All have equal right of existence.

To follow me is to balance the number of people with nature and that all humans respect nature and does not try to manipulate nature with chemicals or other manipulation and to follow me is not to over-populate in the name of any religion or ideology.

To follow me means that all humans have resources and consume in balance and care for at least seven generations to come.

Any other religion or ideology that teaches differently is either stupid or evil and must be changed, abandoned or restricted. When such stupid or evil people does not follow me then they and their religion must sometimes even be destroyed to protect our nature depending on severity.

Stupidity and foulness must be destroyed or it will destroy our civilization. Not following me will lead to extreme foulness such as starvation, wars and cannibalism.

Such stupidity or foulness, must be restricted and destroyed or it will not only destroy you, your children and nature, but will also destroy intelligence itself, cutting down the trees, flushing away good soil and turning all into desert and rocks leading to very hard conditions for all.

If we want the most peaceful culture to survive, then the most peaceful loving and kind humans with ability for true respect and true tolerance must realize that we must not tolerate the most violent non-caring ego-centric cultures, but enlighten them, restrict them or if necessary destroy them.

Over-population by humans is just as stupid as over-population of goats eating everything eatable in their way turning all into desert and rocks. When you follow me you are on the right path.

This is the truth in oneness and pure love for humankind, for nature and for the survival of all that we need to survive, all that we need to enjoy and all that we need to prosper so that we all can smile together. 🙂


Which other beliefs are accepted by Maitreya? Is apostasy necessary?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

All religions are accepted except verses from all religions distorted away from God by greedy humans. These verses are not original and not from true prophets and are therefore not from God.

Remaining in one religion for practical reasons does not mean you have to follow or teach corrupted verses in your own religion. Focus on the positive and raise awareness about the true nature of God and the downside of humanity and the distorted verses!

Apostasy is not necessary. If you decide to become an apostate from your own religion and feel motivated to follow me then do it in a loving kind way to yourself and to others. If you are a Muslim then say you now follow Teacher Madhi, if you are a Jew then say you now follow the Messiah, if you are a Buddhist then say you now follow Maitreya! It is just a name for you to understand and to identify me with, but I am the one and the same.

You can follow me and call yourself what you like! There is no penalty leaving me. The power of my words does not need any corrupted threats against anyone even if religions sometimes contain lying verses that was created by greedy humans who did not know God themselves.


What is God? Does other prophets (except Maitreya) speak the word of God?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

First understand that a God is something or someone you worship. It is what you spend time with. It is what you obey, it is what controls you. That is true also for an atheist who understand that money sometimes can control an evil person. Such gods speaking to our greed or our vain, followed by the spiritually blind, lead to misery in the long run.

The God speaking directly to me is oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for all. I want you to experience oneness, pure love and truth leading you to prosperity. I want you to become relaxed, whole and happy. I wants you to laugh and enjoy life in a real way. 🙂

To follow me is the way of God, the God of oneness, pure love and truth leading to prosperity for you and for all.

All prophets who spoke in harmony with me are prophets of God. All verses from prophets in harmony with me, not distorted by the greedy, are one with God.

Follow these words if they lead to oneness, pure love, truth and prosperity for all! Make them real in your life because then you follow God and me!


What Shall the Responsible Intellectual Do?

The question by George Steiner to Noam Chomsky is so funny it makes me laugh because the answer is so obvious that any intellectual should be able to see it.

Tha answer, obviously is that you will have to stop intellectualize it and act, not only as an individual but collectively, in a political movement that aims to actually solve the underlying problem.

In Palestine and Israel the problem is obviously both religions. One religious side is expanding for religious reasons, the other side has religious reasons to eradicate the other. Who wins is irrelevant. The end of the conflict comes when one or the other is eradicated or when religion is eradicated and people become one with God and science and decide to have a balanced population that can sustain them all long-term.

Does it feel good with religion resulting in children having their limbs ripped off or does God tell you to follow love and kindness? Decide what and who you wish to follow in meditation or pray to God for the answer! If you pray with intense integrity God will answer you.

God is oneness, pure love and truth.