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I feel happy when I see the Maitreya project & I know how to make it successful

I become so happy when I watch The Maitreya project, the largest symbol of love and kindness in the world. When I watch the people behind the Maitreya project of building a statue of me, it is so touching that I get tears in my eyes of happiness. Not because of the size of the statue planned but because the pure love and the kind intention and dedication I feel from many persons behind this project. It flows straight into my heart and happy tears flow on my cheeks. It gives me hope.

Most people do not know how to bring peace and kindness long-term to this world, maybe not even the monks behind the project, but they have the right intention, they have right spirit and that is very touching. A pure heart is very important to save us all from the destruction and hostility that otherwise will come.

However, we have two paths to choose from. One is only short-term love and kindness from the heart that will lead to war and destruction long-term. That is the wrong path. That is only building a statue, only feeding the poor, only having people flying from everywhere to watch a big statue of me, take photos and then fly home agan. This is leading to disaster.

The second path, the correct path, is both short-term and long-term love and kindness from the heart but also the long-term logical mind in order to create long-term love and kindness in action, because if it is not long-term and not in action, then it is in fact not leading to love and kindness as intended. If people fly home with this understanding from watching the the statue then we will save humanity, nature and it will lead to long-term happiness.

For most people the truth of long-term love and kindness will create a big shock in them, because it is not according to what we like to hear. You will maybe not want to see it, because the truth might be experienced like a sharp bright light, but if you do meditation and then ask for it, it will be able to fill you up. Then most people will be able to handle it.

You may not be alone in failing to see the truth. Even the Dalai Lama himself might not be successful, but then again, even a young boy born with a good heart and a good mind might succeed to see it clearly. You need both power in the heart and power in the mind to see it clearly. Not everyone is lucky enough to have both of these abilities, so if you do not succeed at first or get afraid of the truth, then do not take it too hard on yourself!

Maybe if you keep trying you will eventually succeed to see the truth if you really want to see it and if you succeed you will be able to actively support the change we have to do. When you ask questions here or read futher in my answers to other people who wanted to ask me then it is important that you are prepared, relaxed and at peace.

It is therefore important that you do meditation and that you do want to see the truth before you read it, or it can be very disturbing. See disturbance as an awakening signal! Nobody likes the truth at first.

I hope the Maitreya project will be successful long-term. How successful it will be is up to every one of us.
Pure love to you all!

The World Teacher