Messages and enlightenment from The Real Maitreya

The Creation

This teaching of the world creation is written with intention of pure love, oneness and truth in a dialogue form that will make everyone understand better, smile and therefore remember the teaching better.

– Where does everything come from?
– Light can only be because of darkness like a candle that fills a room with light. Life can only be because of death, like the day begin and also come to an end. Sound can only be because of silence, like a gong-gong that vibrates less and less and eventually you notice the silence, the nothingness. Try and you will see! Oneness can only exist because of separateness, like a group feels togetherness and a prophet separates himself to talk to God directly. Everything is here right now and also empty space surrounds us at the same time. Existence and non-existence is because of each other.

– Is Universe endless?
– Yes. Universe is endless and eternal, because what would exist behind the wall of existence? Ha ha ha. There is of course no wall.

– How was the Universe and the sun created?
– Light and warmth are vibrations and created everything you now can see, where there is no vibration there is cold, silent and dark. Like the pond that is still and the waves in the water when we a child throws a stone into the pond with a big splash. Very intense vibration like gamma rays eventually become slower vibration and creates mass and become photons, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, stars, planets and galaxies and everything continues to vibrate on different frequences. Mass attract and in the process of attraction they create spin like a dancer that pulls her arms together in a pirouette. Our sun is a star radiating vibrations. We see some of these vibrations as light and feel some of these vibration as warmth.

– How was our world created?
– Not so long ago religious people thought the earth was flat. The religious leaders would punish anyone who said differently. It is wrong to punish people who believe different because their belief can be more true than your own belief even if the person that speaks the truth is just one. There is only one truth. Our planet is very big for us and that is why it looks very flat when we look at the horizon, but we stand on a big round planet that travels through space in circles around our sun. The earth used to be smaller pieces of mater in spin around the sun, then forming rings around the sun, similar rings as you can see around Saturn, the rings then began to form the earth by gravity.

– How was our moon created?
– A very long time ago the moon was a big asteroid that hit the earth and created the spin of our planet and then became our moon. that same spin today create night and day for us. The spin of the earth is not parallel to the spin of the earth around the sun and that is why many of us experience different seasons like winter, spring, summer, and autumn. This non-parallel spin is why the poles are in darkness half of the year and in light from the sun half of the year. The gravity from the sun and the moon also creates rising and sinking levels of sea water because of gravity from their big mass. The spin of the planet also has a wobble from hits from smaller asteroids and our planet sometimes goes further from the sun and closer to the sun and that creates variations in temperature.

– What is gravity?
– Not so long ago religious people thought that the stars were glued to a large sphere that rotated around our flat earth and that the sun and the moon circled our flat earth inside this sphere. Anyone who thought something else was ridiculed. Now we have learned that it is wrong to ridicule people who believe different, even if they are just one, because they might be right and many are often wrong. The reason we do not fall off the earth is because of gravity. Gravity is a force that attract masses to each other and can be compared with a hair that can be attracted to a balloon by static electricity. But the religious people was not wrong about all things. The moon actually goes in circles around us even if our earth move around the sun.

– Is our sun moving?
– Yes. Our sun moves around the centre of our galaxy together with other stars in a spin. Our galaxy has many stars and can be seen as the milky way in the night sky. The stars are closer to each other in the milky way than outside. The stars are other suns far away from us just like a big fire far away can give the same light as candle that is closer.

– Is our galaxy moving?
– Yes. Many of the lights in the sky that looks like stars are galaxies, together shining like a star very far away. In the dark between the stars a good telescope can see more galaxies even further away and most of them seem to be moving away from us and from each other even if our closest galaxy is in a process of passing through and join our own galaxy.

– Is there something called star-signs?
– Yes, but this is a very old belief. The religious still sometimes think that stars far away has an effect on our personalities and what will happen in our lives. This old religion is called astrology and is replaced today by astronomy. Believing in such ideas as astrology do however have a mental effect on persons believing in it and that can be self-fulfilling in the same way you feel happy when you chose to think happy thoughts. This is however brainwashing and leads to egocentric behaviour. We should not expose our children to belief like this! It is not helpful. Every child and adult has the right to become what ever he or she wants to be without religious belief interfering.

– Is there other planets with life in our galaxy or in other galaxies?
– Yes. That is easy to understand. There are endless of planets similar to our earth with life on them. We are all united but separated by enormous distances in Universe.

– Are there Aliens on our planet?
– Maybe. If another intelligent life-form reach us we must be respectful towards them and hope they will teach us new things that can help us all to reach balance with nature and reach out in space together and maybe help other civilizations too. If we reach other planets we must show them respect and help them to reach balance with their nature, but first we must learn respect for our own nature and for each other. How could we otherwise even trust ourselves to help them?

– What is respect?
– Respect always goes in both directions. Respect is when you care for the well-being of another being and they care for your well-being. Religious sometimes has misunderstood the word and think it is when others fear them or obey them. This is a misunderstanding and the lowest form of human existence. It is like a crocodile with a big mouth and small brain that bites at everything and wants everything. Such religions will never be respected by anyone not even from their own followers and they will often attack each other, just like crocodiles do.

– How was life created?
– Vibration created life from molecules. These small molecules then doubled themselves using more molecules and eventually developed into larger and larger things like bacteria that kept doubling themselves. The bacteria became larger organisms and eventually plants and animals. We have developed to humans through millions of years from the smallest bacteria. We humans developed from the animals and our closest relative is the chimpanzee. We all must live in balance and respect with nature because we are one with our nature. We are all made of molecules and vibration and live in harmony with fungus and bacteria and will go back to be molecules and vibration in nature again.


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