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Is it lonely to be Maitreya? – No. Especially finding Julien Matei is a moment of togetherness

When I stumble upon a true philosopher like Julien Matei then I Maitreya both laugh and shed a tear of happiness at the same time.


“Cause if the receptivity is not there, “caring” leaves one totally drained…

He he he. Attitude must be heal the ones who want to be healed. 😉

“Stop discarding the seriousness of Life, relegating it to some kind of inane kindergarten affair!”

Only a child, or a child like mind, wanting to know the truth, can learn and understand how serious it is. It makes it all the Children’s affair.

“The funny thing about humans is not that they hide their ugliness, guilt and darkness, but that they are terribly ashamed of and therefore conceal their beauty, innocence and light…”

That is only because they cannot see it. How could they see it when they were taught to live in mental darkness? We must all find their light that can exist in every moment and tell them about it!

“The clearer and wiser you are, the bigger the likelihood they´ll turn you into a mirror of their stupidity and insanity.”

How would “they” do that and who is “they”?