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The first real questioning of Maitreya makes Maitreya very happy

The first questioning of high quality of The Real Maitreya by Richard W. Posner:

Forgive me Maitreya Buddha but I must respectfully disagree. The world needs to get more “primitive“. We must deindustrialise and uncivilise.

Please understand that I only offer my opinions and conclusions. I lay no claim to absolute truth or certainty.

As a species we stopped evolving at least ten thousand years ago. We must go back before we can go forward.

The main thing we can learn from “civilisations” that have failed is that “civilisation“, as we think of it, (industry, technology and too many people) is unsustainable in a finite system like Earth. ” Civilisation” is inherently expansionistic. Growth is intrinsic to it. In that respect it is not unlike cancer.

I must tell you in all honesty that anyone claiming to be THE teacher makes me a bit nervous. You may be A teacher, but, in my opinion, there are no better teachers than Nature and experience. I have taught myself for many years and being an autodidact has worked to my satisfaction.

We are and have already gotten too “clever” by half. It is our “cleverness” that has brought us to the brink of extinction.

I may or may not be a part of your “mission“. If I am, it is purely by chance and not design. I have no mission other than to live and try to attain understanding.

While it appears our “philosophies” intersect at some points, it’s also clear that they are significantly divergent at others. So be it. We can simply agree to disagree. It is incumbent upon neither of us to “convert” the other.

May you find Peace and Contentment on whatever path you choose to follow.

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum

Ha ha ha. 🙂 You are forgiven and do not have to forgive yourself for being a sceptic. I am a skeptic too.

I AM The Real Teacher. First understand I doubted that for a long time before I accepted that. I tried to get away from the fact, but Allah would not let me go. Allah insisted I must save the planet. A bird pooed on my head the very moment I realize I am the new Buddha, ha ha ha. It felt like a “good luck” from nature. I will forever remember that moment.

Do not agree unless you know something is the truth, not even with your own ideas if you prove yourself wrong!

First be honest with yourself! You seem to have a frozen belief that the world needs to get more “primitive“. I must point out that what you actually want, more primitive living, will actually be the result of too much of absurd exponential growth. It will eventually result in rapid down-growth, just like any species overpopulating in nature.

Second. Begin investigation with no opinion at all! Meditate and empty your senses and say to yourself, maybe I am wrong. That is OK. Let it go! Much that we believe must be wrong. We are all human.

Third. After investigation form opinions and conclusions! I can see you are intelligent enough to lay no claim to absolute truth or certainty. That is a great ting about you, because we must always be open and look at new facts to find the truth because Allah is truth, pure love and Oneness and Allah is the greatest removing foulness, false belief, leading us all to prosperity and eventually to eternal life.

As a species we never stopped evolving. I am part of the latest leap forward, maybe you are as well. I am the living proof that we must NOT go back before we go forward. I am genetically advanced. I can feel peoples real needs to get healthy. I can feel their challenges in life. Students are baffled with my ability to recall knowledge that I learned decades ago. I can see in almost absolute darkness. I have very high physical strength. My mental ability is higher. My feeling of Oneness and pure love is very very strong. I have extreme grit.

What we can learn from older civilizations that failed is that we do not have to fail at all. We, thanks to archaeology, can learn from past mistakes and make intelligent decisions and develop an industry, a technology and a balanced number of people that is sustainable in our finite system, Earth. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth if we do it in time.

Yes. ”Civilization” (nice if it was more “civilized”) so far has been like a growing baby that has now out-grown its crib, it has been religiously and economically expansionary. As we know, there are beliefs that are not expansionary and that there are people who talk about economy in the original sense of the word, which is the correct way. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth.

So. You are nervous. Ha ha ha. 🙂 Honestly do you not think I became a bit nervous, at first, when Allah suddenly spoke to me and told me I am The Real Teacher? Following my teachings is easy compared to actually be The Teacher. I can promise you that, my friend. Just look what the evil greedy monkeys did to Jesus who was a true follower of Allah when he spoke the truth in his words in his time! To be The Real Teacher, The Real Protector of this planet, you must handle extreme fear easily with relaxation and with a big smile.

It is true that nature and experience is sometimes great teachers, however, better is to listen to me and think in many steps, even if it is hard at first, and then act with me before nature teaches us all the lesson the hard way.

Because if we first walk the hard way, that is beginning the down-growth to balance with nature, then it will soon become easy for all of us. If we do it the other way, it will first seem easy and then, when we run out of resources, it will abruptly become very very hard, not only wars that are hard enough, but also cannibalism due to scarcity of food. Is that not the truth? I know that is the truth.

Remain an autodidact! It is much better than blind belief.

We have all not gotten too “clever”, many have become too greedy, forgetting balance with nature. This is not clever. If we all become clever fast I will teach and all will listen, because the words of Allah is true. Allah is the greatest.

You will follow me and your mission will be with Allah if you decide to follow truth. This I can feel, because you are very clever. If you attain complete understanding you will follow Allah completely.

There is no real reason why our “philosophies” shall intersect at only some points because there is only one truth. Truth does not compromise. Truth is not lies. You do not need to “convert” actively to anything if you look for truth with intense integrity. Allah will convert you automatically.

May Allah be with you and speak to you when you feel motivated to listen!


Beware of the fake Maitreya! Decide if Russel Brand is a fake Messiah!

The organization Illuminati suggests illumination, enlightenment. Judge for yourself what is the truth about this! Beware of that there is a problem with illumination if you are really stupid.

There are people wanting a “new age” with a new religion and a “new world order” where you potentially become the slave and they become the masters.

This is however not what Allah wants. Allah wants Oneness, Pure Love, Truth and Prosperity for all, not just for a few.

Judge for yourselves if Russel Brand is a new fake Messiah or a real one!

Signs of a fake Messiah:
– Big ego.
– Will be displayed in the evil greedy monkey’s media.
– Will encourage peaceful protest, avoiding real enlightened peoples takeover.
– Personal relations with the powerful and the rich.
Other signs of “Illuminati”

Real enlightenment comes from meditation and leads to less ego, courage and pure love, leading to a feeling of Oneness with all living beings where people, animals and plants are treated with respect.

Real enlightenment leads to real truth-seeking, real science, leading us all to real enlightenment, not fake capitalist science or fake capitalist spirituality. Real enlightenment will lead to balance with nature, equality, prosperity for us all and for future generations.

Pure love

Maitreya’s answer: – What does God want? Violence or Peace?

I am Maitreya! I am the teacher. – Understand that you must not judge too quickly! Take your time before you judge any issue! Meditate on these words because they come directly through me from Allah, our God.

Religions are used by the evil greedy monkeys to create wars that they falsely think benefit themselves. The root cause of this behaviour is fear, actually stupid fear. It is stupid because the evil greedy monkeys know themselves they will one day die and will not bring any such stupid wealth to where ever they are going and they do know that their children will not benefit from a nature where animals and plants have not been preserved in their natural state. God, Allah, who is truly the wisest, who is oneness, who is pure love and who is truth, and who leads us all and who cares for future generations and their prosperity wants no such stupid violence.

But Allah, our God inside of us all, also do not want stupid peace or stupid non-violence. Stupid peace is peace where you do not use violence when violence will lead to prosperity for us all and future generations. When you use violence to end stupidity and when violence promote the essence of Allah, our God, then it is truly the sweetest pure loving violence you will ever experience. Kill the evil greedy monkeys when they rape our mother earth! Make them fear you, even stupid fear, because this the stupid evil monkey do understand!

Use both violence and peace intelligently – Do not over-use one or the other! Have no illusion! Be illuminated! Peace and violence exist because of each other, just as light and darkness exist because of each other.


[Problem solved] Maitreya answers – Does Allah permit evil to exist?

Ha ha ha. 🙂 The old religious Theodicy problem. The probelm is hereby solved.

Evil exist because you are a living being and therefore in fear of death and in this fear will act evil. When you through meditation realize the endlessness of the Universe and the logic of courage and you in courage act like Allah wants, in oneness, truth and pure love, then you create Allah’s heaven on Earth and you create prosperity for all, for nature and for future generations.

When all humans have real intelligence and ability to follow Allah there will be no more evil. This is possible, but it takes some eradication of evil greedy monkeys acting like vermin on our planet. That is the solution of the problem. Nothing more, nothing less. We as humans can evolve, but evil greedy monkeys can not evolve further. Allah looks down on them and their false religions and they must be eradicated as the vermin they are.

The state of Oneness and goodness can not be achieved by passiveness, but only by being active with both feet firmly fixed on the ground in reality with friendliness, not through blind belief. Truth must be searched and found in all things and the beginning of this is meditation in solitude, finding pure love. The next step is critical searching for truth, enlightenment, the third step is acting on truth. The reward is prosperity for all human kind.


Allah says – To save nature you have to be aware of growth, balance and down-growth!

I am the teacher. Some call me Mahdi, some Maitreya. What you call me is not important.

Now! This you must understand! Hear the truth from Allah because this truth is very important!

Allah is great. Worship Allah, because Allah is inside all of us, and those who are gifted can hear Allah’s truth inside. If we who have the gift are observant and quiet and breath deeply we can all feel Allah’s pure love for us all and we know Allah wants the best for us all.

Allah says – To save nature you have to be aware of growth, balance and down-growth! Everything that grows in a limited space will eventually reach a full state, like tea filled in a cup or like our population as humans on our earth. Growth will eventually come to a point where we reach the limit and in this point when much things will begin to go wrong. It is like the cup becoming full and spilling over the tablecloth. If however a balance can be maintained with nature then most life will live long and prosper in harmony.

If growth at some point does not stop and we all do not begin to maintain a balance with nature then we begin to destroy nature and because we need nature to survive we then begin to destroy ourselves and our civilization. Then there is much suffering, starvation, wars and even cannibalism.

Therefore do not trust teachers preaching about large families! They will create cannibalism. Therefore do not trust economists teaching about the need for growth! They will create cannibalism. Also do not trust people who do not want to investigate what is a reasonable balance with nature! These people are ignorant greedy monkeys and do not work for Allah. Allah is oneness with all of us and also with all plants and animals. Allah is pure love for ourselves and each other and for all that we need to survive. Allah is truth, not ignorance, not lies. Following Allah leads to prosperity for us all, not destruction!

If balance is maintained by successful teaching of the ignorant and by effective restriction of the ignorant who refuse to understand balance with nature then we can have balance with nature. If obtaining balance with nature also requires the slaughter of the ignorant, who fight the truth of balance, then this will lead to prosperity for nature and for all of us. If you do not work for balance with nature then you work for the slow slaughter of us all. If you do not work for balance with nature then you are the enemy of yourself and all other living beings.

You may not like this truth, but it is still the truth. You must know this truth and work for this truth or be killed, slowly or fast! You have to choose what it is going to be! It can not be both. Either slaughter of ignorance and foulness or the slaughter of you and your children. I wish there was another choice but Allah says there is no other choice and Allah is wise. I tried to prove Allah wrong, I doubted Allah, but Allah is wise and always speaks the truth.

Doubt these words! When you find it is the truth and the true words of Allah you will follow better than if you do not first doubt them! Only believe these words when you yourselves know they are the words of Allah!

If you follow Allah, we enter this new age with hope of eternal life for you and your children, we enter an era of extreme possibilities of development in harmony with nature. If you do not follow me then you yourself will destroy this possibility for yourself and for your own children by your own ignorance and we will slaughter you as the vermin you are because then you will become the enemy of us all, also the enemy of nature itself.

Humans living on nature like vermin will not only be destroyed. Their trees will disappear and when they have eaten the last eatable leaf then their lands will become deserts and then even their books will be eaten by their domesticated animals. When the last animal and the last insect has been eaten they will eat each other and roam the deserts they have created, killing each other and looting.

Hear the words of Allah! This is the destiny of human vermin. And hear me if you live like vermin! Vermin must die and give room to real humans! Hear me if you follow Allah! If you do not get rid of human vermin then human vermin will kill you and your children too! Vermin will then eat vermin like starving rats in a cage.

The only hope is Allah and he wants only reproduction of humans that care for balance with nature.

See this truth, meditate and act!


Why must we fight for balance with nature and not only cuddle cute kittens?

You can have both time with kittens and save nature, but you must fight for nature if you are a descent human being!

Maybe you would like to only cuddle cute kittens and not fight for balance with nature? Then hear me and wake up! You must fight for the balance of nature or else future generations will die or have to eat kittens in hunger or even will have to eat each other or all will starve to death!

Being human is to fight for nature. Being human is what it means to be a human being. The opposite is being an evil stupid monkey.

So. Fighting for the balance of nature is what you must do even if you not always like it. It is possible that you do not always like to fight. Know then that you might dislike a thing which is good for you and future generations. Know for yourselves that what ever else you like to do, that distracts you from doing good, is bad for you and everyone else! Allah knows and you know too if you listen to Allah.

A cunning strike against the enemy of balance with nature can be the best self-defence for us all and for future generations. Strike first, strike fast and future generations will salute you instead of using your grave as a toilet!

Those who embrace the will of Allah will sleep good at night and live a life in happiness in every moment knowing they protect the future generations and themselves.

Authority comes from Allah. Followers of Allah will fight people calling themselves followers of Allah if they are really not followers of Allah. Religion spoken has no importance if it is not oneness, pure love, truth and balance with nature. What is in our actions will count.

Those who fight for Allah and risk their lives, no matter if dead or victorious, let them know that there is pure love, true oneness and truth in every moment of their lives! Martyrs will die like real people forever celebrated by future generations. The ones who are against balance with nature you must fight and kill before they kill you and they will be looked down upon by all future generations, even by relatives. Some of these peoples graves will be used as a toilet by their own sons and daughters.

The evil greedy monkeys want you to worship other things in order to control you and make you into a stupid distracted monkey just like they are. Do not have these as friends until they truly abandon their evil ways and ask for the advice of Allah! If they continue in their wicked ways and make war then seize them and slay them wherever you find them before they slay you and be careful with new converts! They must prove themselves and be rewarded step by step until they can be trusted!

The passive who do not fight the peaceful way or do not fight the violent way if needed do not know oneness with nature, do not feel pure love and cannot see real truth. Pity them for they do not know the glorious way of Allah! They are almost as bad as the evil monkeys working against the will of Allah.

This struggle is first of all a spiritual struggle. But have no illusions! Because the evil greedy monkeys will challenge us and the balance with nature, we must challenge them! This will sometimes become a violent struggle.

In the spiritual struggle all are one, in the violent some are chosen by inner calling from Allah. Know that the ones called by Allah and who have the courage will have ten times better cunning and effectiveness in battle than the ones lured into battle by fear or greed.

And when the enemy of nature suffer pain on the battle field, let his fellow evil monkeys hear him squeal, because this will make the evil monkeys fear Allah and loose their fighting spirit, because they fight not for Allah but out of fear or greed. A greater fear, the fear of you and fear of pain, will make them reconsider their faith. And if one of them is stupid and is lured out to fight in blind courage to save his squealing evil friend, then let him squeal too. Have no mercy for the mercenaries hired by the evil monkeys!

When mercenaries capitulate treat them fair and teach them about Allah, but do not force them to accept Allah with violence! The power of Allah’s words will convert the most. Use them as hostage and trade them with hostages taken by our enemies after education. Returning them with the knowledge of our fairness, our pure love, our oneness and our truth is the best blow to the evil stupid monkeys who pay them to do evil. Soon the mercenaries will attack the evil stupid monkeys that hired them.

Even pursuing an injured and retreating enemy if they do not surrender is an act of self-defence in the name of Allah if it will help saving nature for the future generations.

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and strive to turn our oneness into separateness should be killed on the spot if in a hurry, or by crucifixion if the squealing and fear by others will help the cause, or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides if they must be let go in order to slow the enemy down and cripple them, or they should be imprisoned if they somehow can be used in the cause of balance with nature.

The most dangerous and evil ones for our balance with nature are those who speak about economical growth or the need of population growth or the need of you consuming more. To talk about such growth in a world of no balance or in a time of scarcity will destroy balance with nature and is the most evil thing in the eyes of Allah because it can destroy everything and leave future generations with nothing. Make sure they are educated and understand what idiots they are before you let them speak again!

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like

You must be the leader of yourself! – This is a new age. I am the new teacher.

Before our times death followed natural law and  many babies died. There was balance with nature.

Now we live in a different time. This is the new age. Now many of you are ready for more truth from Allah. I have now decided to give you this message after consulting Allah because of the threat from the atom bomb and because peace and balance with nature must happen fast.

Seek Allah inside of yourself in your heart and in your mind in this new age! Only using old religion blindly will not serve you or our nature enough. You need direct advice from Allah!

Now, in this new age, you must be the leader of yourself and only follow leaders who speak and act in the direction of balance with nature! Do not follow the leaders speaking about growth of money or growth of population!

Your family is not determined by blood-lines. We are all humans with the same kind of blood and we are all potential followers of Allah. True followers of Allah are like brothers and sisters and are the ones creating balance with nature.

You must not follow any teacher or any verse blindly, old or new, because they can be wrong according to Allah! You must not even follow me or any other teacher if you truly believe we are not right and if we do not speak the words of Allah!

As a follower of Allah you must treat all other humans equal no matter of previous belief! You know for yourselves that also you must first have a false belief before your belief becomes closer to Allah.

As a follower of Allah you must doubt all calling themselves follower of Allah at the same time! Hypocrites are everywhere. You must also doubt yourself.

Doubt is necessary for strong belief! If you do not doubt your own teachings, if you do not analyze and think for yourself deeply, then you can not know deeply if your own knowledge of Allah is true.

If a follower of Allah does not care for balance with nature then he or she is not following Allah. If a person creates balance with nature in his or her actions then he or she is a true follower of Allah even if they say they are not.

It is only when religion or ideology is regarded as truth blindly without question it can be used by evil greedy monkeys. When Allah is heard inside all of us then Allah rules this world.

/Maitreya or Mahdi if you like